GS rising wedge

This is really a continuation of the same concepts I have been discussing in the ES rising wedge topic. I'm not even going to bother to post a chart, but if someone else wants to, please do. GS now has an awesome rising wedge on the daily chart (anyone want to wave count it and see it as an ending diagonal, too?). And what happens today after it looked ready to break down yesterday? Uh-oh, upgrade, explosive gap up and run to new highs for the entire move up. GS has only more than tripled off its lows. So, who thinks this will break sharply to the downside? Same old, same old, with everyone seeing these things and them playing out the exact opposite.
Trading gold and silver on opitons...I am out and my gaze tells me the CAD will top out at 92/96 in June/ 1st week of July and so will gold/silver...the metals may be the front runner.

So far, I have been right with all my commodity predictions..OJ ( see where it is now....from my post in Feb end, CAD,silver, coffee,etc.).

The only prediction which has stalled has been ES, YM...April 19 provided a great 1 day drop....a killing.

However,...May 6/18 was my top and that has been exceeded.

Still,on the ES...1126..will not be this will drop big time.

ES 420/380 may be the low...550-350 is the Oct/09 or before. Calc YM and TF...homework!!!

Economically...the US has 2 more years of trouble. However, the stock mkt...may appear illusion once the lows are in this year.

The CAD will be the best currency in the next 5 years....1.24-1.58..high in 2013/2014. Gold to $2,600 and silver to $104. could go higher.

Big low in gold and silver in 2016. US dollar...high in 2019. Want the low??

OK ENUF FREE stuff...........

So many sovereign, pension, gov't funds lost trillions. Yes, keep using those funny mentals....and those MBA's and those beautifully dressed people. Heaven.....I wear shorts and Pele T-Shirt.

It really is very simple...Book of Daniel,Job, Paul along with....???

Most of you don't get it...but 1 world currency beckons....and all the serfs say amen !! When.....figure it out.

The Muffin...yes nice to eat with butter...but don't be a muffin man..FZ

Good trading....wherever you are.