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It's been a while but the worst is yet to come

Hi there...

What should I play..zoot allures, cosmic slop, knee deep, europa, unchained, dazed and confused, strange brew..oh yes...strange brew

Yes, most traders are dazed and confused....but the worst aint over.

The drop is coming that "Strange Brew" Girl ( ES, YM ) what's inside of YOU....

So here it, YM 4200/3, it your self.

Time...this year. Actually, I know the time more or less, but I have to make money from this from those billionaires and funds...who know shi?

Tip: make sure you get on the CAD, gold, silver, us index, GBP...well one is up the other is down. There will be a wait for it.

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

Oh yes.."Free your mind and your ass will follow."

Good night. And hopefully you will get some "Trading"...."Dynamo Hum."
Sounds good.
I better sell my soul and mortgage the kids........Gotta love these alcohol induced posts......I play my Les Paul in my I'll opt for the Zep reference of "dazed and confused" ..Gotta love Page's controlled chaos....just like the market .....Tangents within a tight framework....thanks for the insights I have clarity and a specific direction to trade....Do you write newsletters? Sign me up!!!

we are STILL waiting for just one of your specific market calls with an entry, target and stop multi billionaires have to help out those of us who need stops...
Hey Bruce, I'll bang out some tunes on my Ibanez Jem ... got my '81 Les Paul Custom stowed away ... Let's both turn it up to infinity, open up the doors and Jam sometime!

Ummmmm, pips2007 ... whatever it is you were sayin', ain't nobody gettin' I don't think. So, I went to a translation site and converted it into something that makes much more sense ... though, what any of it means, I'm not too sure ...

Hola allí...

Qué debe juego.. las atracciones de zoot, gachas cósmica, la rodilla profunda, europa, desencadenado, aturdió e infusión confusa y extraña.. ah sí. infusión ..strange

Sí, la mayoría de los comerciantes son aturdidas y son confundidas. ...but el peor aint sobre.

La gota viene eso Chica "Extraña de Infusión" (E, YM) lo que es dentro de USTED. ...

Así que aquí es., YM 4200/3, su ser.

El tiempo. año ..this. ¿Realmente, sé el tiempo más o menos, pero tengo que ganar dinero de esto de esos billonarios y fondos. ..who sabe shi?

La punta: le se asegura se monta el DAC, el oro, la plata, nosotros indexamos, GBP. ..well que uno está arriba el otro es hacia abajo. Habrá una gota. espera para ello.

"Una mente es una cosa terrible de malgastar".

Ah sí.". Liberta su mente y su asno seguirá".

Buenas noches. Y optimistamente usted conseguirá algunos "Comerciando ..." Zumbido de Dínamo".

Sorry pip-dude, still no comprende! May I suggest a diction and grammar teacher that my nephew studies with on Tuesdays and Thursdays just before T-ball practice? And regarding trading, well, the exchanges have some great how-to pamphlets ... and THEY'RE FREE! Try to stay inside the therapeutic window of your prescriptions as hallucinogenic phenomena are likely side effects. Oh yeah, "What's the last thing to go through a bugs mind before he hits your windshield??? ... His @ss!" Ouch

Good trading and a good weekend to pipmonster, Bruce and all the rest ... am off to deep East Texas for some down home cookin' and outdoor camping ... lookin' forward to grandma's possum stew!

have a great time MM...
Have a good time I'll be in east tx come late summer for some guided red drum fly fishing on the flats....have a safe trip.
All that I as a Day Trader care about is that the Emini S&P goes 4 points from the point of entry in my favour. Whether the level is 420 or 666 or 1565 I am least concerned. Every tick per contract is still $12.50.
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