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Trading the RTH Open

The RTH Open (9:30 EST) is an interesting point of entry. To make money we need 4 things 1. Time 2. Price 3. Volume 4. Direction. One benefit of trading the open is that the trader has a forced entry as the time, price and volume portion of entry is taken care of. Secondly you can chose to trade once only and keep yourself stress free for the rest of the day. So all we have to look for is a profitable direction. Now the question is whether to buy or sell the 9:30 Open. Various options are 1) Trade in the direction of previous day RTH close (4:15 EST)(Gap fill theory). 2) Trade towards the previous days RTH Open (Volume is the biggest magnet). Trade reverse of the 9:29 EST candle i.e. if it is a Red Candle Buy and if Green Sell or reverse i.e. SELL for Red and Buy for Green. I look forward to your inputs
In case someone else reading this wants to know, RTH = Regular Trading Hours
Thank you, correct with others wanting to know. I had sent the post before opening the forum. Lo and behold it was right there. Any way Thanks for the reply!
Any Gold traders out there?
Originally posted by ak1

Sorry I did not phrase the question properly. The regular trading hours (RTH) for Emini Futures is from 9:30est to 16:15 est. What are the RTH for Crude Oil and other company stocks listed on NYSE etc. I have heard that company stocks trade from 9:30 est to 16:00 est and that oil from 9:30 est to 15:30 est

Can anyone confirm the timings please
Originally posted by ak1

On 26th May RHT Opened at 878.50 a level not retested so far. Thus 880-878 could be a possible target for the markets in the near future.

If this selling goes on we may see 880 level soon
Originally posted by ak1

The sharp decline at open will mean a lot of shorts going profitable in the near future

This strong sell trend was signalled well in advance
i enjoyed the 9:29 1 min candle set up today, very impressive
So - looks like anyone who took this trade this morning is done for the day in 2 mins. Interesting...
sorry - I was looking at 4 ticks not 4 points...
I'm very pleased to have found this forum, The RTH 9:29 trade, has worked for far. Thanks again to whom ever posted this in the 1st place. As I'm new to the forum, I don't know anyone or the history of the room. Now I only wish there was some more posts!
thank you stockster.
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