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Trading the RTH Open

The RTH Open (9:30 EST) is an interesting point of entry. To make money we need 4 things 1. Time 2. Price 3. Volume 4. Direction. One benefit of trading the open is that the trader has a forced entry as the time, price and volume portion of entry is taken care of. Secondly you can chose to trade once only and keep yourself stress free for the rest of the day. So all we have to look for is a profitable direction. Now the question is whether to buy or sell the 9:30 Open. Various options are 1) Trade in the direction of previous day RTH close (4:15 EST)(Gap fill theory). 2) Trade towards the previous days RTH Open (Volume is the biggest magnet). Trade reverse of the 9:29 EST candle i.e. if it is a Red Candle Buy and if Green Sell or reverse i.e. SELL for Red and Buy for Green. I look forward to your inputs
Right on. Close of 8.29 est one minute candle compared to 8.29est close previous day. Trick is to find point of entry where the stop loss sustains. 4 PTS either way. No more no less.
Thank you ak1. Like your work.Regards Gus
Going long today either at 1101.5 or 1100
08:59:43 BUY_LIMIT 1100.00
09:28:40 SELL_LIMIT 1104.00
Nice call,ak1!
beautiful AK1 !
AK1, when close at 8:30 ET is the same as open at 9:30 ET, will you go long or short or skip a trade?
9:30 est close is irrelevant for this technique.
AK1, may be I understood your strategy wrongly. Didn't you mean that you are comparing the CLOSE at 8:30 am ET with the OPEN at 9:31 am ET?
No, its previous day to current day. We are trying to define the trend as to where we started yesterday and where we are starting today.News causes volatility and later the traders come to their senses.So we disregard News. Remember "Trend is your friend"
thank you stockster.