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learning volume / price support, etc.

I'm new to trading the ES. One subject i've seen referenced everywhere is the importance of learning to recognize strength and weakness in volume, momentum, price support and resistance. I'm sure there are volumes on each subject, but would you be so kind as to suggest resources for learning more about each ? I'm not looking for a system or an indicator, please, but rather a book, website, articles, etc., that would help develop my thin knowledge base. I'd like to be able to watch the ES and have a solid grasp of the price, volume, etc., and if it's strong or weak.
Many thanks in advance. I look forward to your suggestions and to learning....which i am in need of.
outside of the great stuff here I would poke around Dr. Bretts is a link and look at the "trading resource for Friday" and the links there.......tons of great ideas and it isn't overcomplicated.....he does lots of good stuff with $ticks, volume, highs and lows, Vwap and even the concepts of market profile and pivots.....he does a great job of putting ideas into words that make sense...I'm jealous!!! Lots of us use these concepts here..

specific link:

and another:

I am very interested in learning this too. Thanks for the question and the reply! JW
thanks bruceM, ill take a look at it!
rjk96251, I would suggest going to a main library and checking out their trading section. There are so many books written on trading that explain volume/price support really well. I personally am a big fan of murphy when it comes to Technical Analysis.
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