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Other instruments?

I know that some of us are "graduating" from ES, which may be considered one of the toughest markets to trade.

I am exploring others. So far 6E, EURUSD futures have been attractive. It has twice the daily range of ES which means opportunity. 1 tick is also $12.50 but ATR(14) for ES is 64 ticks while 6E is 142 ticks.

I too am feeling that trade bots from the big houses are skrooing us up. If you follow Hamzei's Twitter, he does know when these buy/sell programs turn on and mess up the market. His server is next to CBOT.

The volume is great on ES but recently my fills for entry and exits are like the pits. Can you imagine just for 1 pt exit took more than 17 mins and hit like 2 bars on the 10 min and no fill? i didn't lose money just slam the stop to BE +1 tick to exit. I don't know if it is the broker or whatever.

I just feel that I need to get away from ES for a while maybe trade 1 or 2 trades in it and get maybe 4 pts daily while I SIM 6E.

Like VO had said there are other markets other than the equity e-minis like ES, NQ or TF. Like his favorite GC or CL.

There is slippage on 6E due to lack of volume but it is not more than 1 tick so far on my SIM. 6E seem to be quite news tolerant unlike the equity instruments. My guess is that it shadows the real EURUSD forex market which is not much shaken and nobody can control it. You can see the way it moves in price action, it is like a bucking bronco.

Too bad that Mumble was shutdown. There was a lot that I have learnt from Kool, VO, PT and the rest of the contributors. The various techniques that I have incorporated into my trading methods. I thank you all.

I will still be around. This is not goodbye.

Anyone else trading other futures instead of e-minis?
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