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Research question:


I do alot of 'non-compensated' research for a friend {I enjoy the process} and I have a question about this 'girl' who runs a room in paltalk (yea, I know--I hate paltalk as much as you do).

I asked her the following question in an email...


I was looking at your website and was wondering if you have a track record of your room calls or are you just educational?

Also, may one be invited into your room for a brief free trial period anytime or a certain time of day or certain day(s) of the month?
Her reply...

I don't do free trails in my room, and I also don't track or give out record of trades.
I teach market profile on es, ym, and dax. If you want to sign up for another
class coming soon , then I keep you posted.

Thanks, Debbie/TGtradergirl

She's got BIG-ASS CAJONES; I give her props.

Anyone know anything more about this chick??


[email protected]



well, she was touted by T. Busby, another 50/50 guy
(50% of chance that you can make it with his method).
if you are into MP she could be your women.

T. Busby (author): Book : Winning the Day Trading Game
(Page 143)("Who is the best trader you have ever seen?) "Debbie",
"She often sees things that I may overlook".

[Admin Edit: Added book link and image.]
If this is the same "Girl" that hung around JPJtrading room then stay away...nothing consistent overtime...she thought Dax trading signaled early ES direction but I never saw her make it work.....she liked 10 point increments off the weekly pivot numbers.......I have a seminar from her some where.....find out if she hung with JP and I'll look for her semnar if it's the same woman...
yes bruce she is the girl from JPs room
Thanks Bruce,

You are like a trading 'wikipedia'--you know that??

: )


Does anyone have recent experience with her teaching ?
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