Did anybody take a training course in nextbartrading by ELEAZER HERACLEOPOLIS? He talks about nextbar, PVSA and Volume? Any feedback appreciated
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He takes trades on SIM for a reason you don't need to see his live acct I wouldn't show you mine either... Its confidential
Hope this helps you guys

Martin Parkhotyuk
ask if any questions

Martin, I don't think your post was helpful. In fact, I think it's detrimental.

This vendor charges $10K, trades on SIM and won't show his statements. He has a history of ripping people off in other ventures.

In my opinion, he is parasite and a scammer.

To anyone who considers spending more than a few hundred dollars for any educational trading service, I give this advice: Ask for statements and permission to speak with the vendor's broker. If you don't get these two things, keep your money in your pocket.

I hope this post is helpful.
Don't know what to believe, Eleazar seems to be a real estate expert too who knows 'insider secrets'

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Wow! I guess closed minds can never be opened. I simply can’t believe the venomous statements which are uttered here. One person says the basic premise is ‘inapplicable to the ES.’ I guess then my experience with NextBar Trading is inapplicable? I think some people merely want to slander people and their methods. If it is what you say , then why did he teach me personally? Why not then create some crap software indicator like the rest? The basic premise is so utterly logical. The fact is is that there are individuals in the market place that have the power to influence price and can see the orders in the market. Fact. In addition, I found his methods agreeable, for he showed me EXACTLY how it plays out in the market. What Eleazar taught me was how to rise above the typical scared type of trader I was before, basically snatching two or three points. Never having the understanding required to allow price to work its meandering way through. For that to happen, I first had to learn the way the professionals think and operate. That I learned from him. This subject is never even uttered in books or courses. There are some that think all is equal, that this is a democracy. They are dreaming. In addition, he explained to me what occurred over a decade ago. He did not have all of the licenses required. He is friendly, and took an avid interest. And most importantly, he was a taskmaster, in that I was required to do my homework, in which I got his feedback. For this I am thankful.

You state you learned "the way the professionals think and operate. That I learned from him."

How did he learn, since he is not, nor ever was a professional?

No need to beat a dead horse. If you are sincere and came here to tell the struggling traders of the world the answer to their trading fortune lies in spending $10K with this vendor, then this is a first and I apologize and wish you all the best.

In fact, although I'm not struggling, I'm always on the lookout for more edge, so please tell Mr. Heracleopolis that if he can prove to me he does what you claim, I'll be the next student to give him $10K. In order to satisfy me, he will have to allow me to contact his broker and instruct this broker to send me his last 6 months trading statements. All the personal non-relevant information like the account number and address can be blacked out.

The Complaint filed by the Commission on May 27, 1999, alleged that the defendants offered and sold unregistered units of participation in HSP, a partnership controlled by Heracleopolis. The defendants TARGETED the ELDERLY and RETIRED WOMEN and falsely represented to these investors that a large return would be promptly paid on their investment. The funds were to be used to develop an Internet website. The Defendants raised over $1,142,629 from at least 37 investors nationwide. No finds were ever returned or paid to any investors. A large percentage of the investor funds was simply diverted by Heracleopolis to his own uses and that of his family. In addition, substantial undisclosed commissions were paid to salespersons. Heracleopolis also used investor funds to purchase a laundromat for himself through a corporation wholly controlled by him.Heracleopolis also used investor funds to purchase a laundromat for himself through a corporation wholly controlled by him.
pavlosky, thanks for that.

Perhaps Vidalia101 is confused; Heracleopolis is an expert at cleaning clothes and the wallets of the elderly, not trading.
I was having zero information on Nextbartrading and Eleazar Heracleopolis. It is also my fault that I did not google by his name "Eleazar Heracleopolis".

I would have saved lot of money($10,000) if I had this information before. Thanks to this thread, people will have enough information to make their decision before investing.

I am thinking of creating around five videos briefly explaining my experience. It will take some time but will post it on youtube and all other places. I will upadte this thread too.
Hope my videos help others in making a right decision.
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Hope my videos help others in making a right decision.

So where are the videos you had said you would create?

I purchased the Masters Course for $5000. Yes, its a lot of money and probably too much, but if people are willing to pay for it then that is up to them. No, I am not trading profitably. Yes, I do believe the method has validity. I believe it is a takeoff of VSA (volume spread analysis). Eleazar has created his own approach and there is nothing wrong with that. True VSA can be much more complicated.

I used to watch the videos on Youtube in amazement. I used to ask myself what is this person doing that they can trade without indicators. Anyway, I took the plunge. I've come to the conclusion that in trading it less about the mehtod and more of what goes on between ones ears. I think that many methods can be and are profitable, but it depends on the person trading it. I have many faults as a trader. I'm impatient, revenge trade, over trade, try and pick tops and bottoms and I get eaten alive. I don't think it will matter what method I use if I don't break the bad habits.

PVSA has merrit and it can provide insight into what may be happening, so if the method is traded well one can make $5K-10K in short order, I believe. Does it bother me he does not trade a live account, yes. There is good and bad in everything and people need to make thier own decisions. I don't think Eleazar is doing anything wrong and even though his courses are expensive. At least he is not selling indicators for $1000 or more that you can find on websites and forums for free like the Trade the Markets guys.

Hi David R

I delayed creating videos because I was busy and also this is not on my priority list. I wanted to create these videos to help others so that nobody makes a decision (like me) with out having much info about Eleazar and Nextbartrading. To some extent this thread will serve that purpose.

Now that you came out so aggressively questioning me; I will not only answer your questions but also will enlighten some of the things that happened with Eleazar and me and his trading style. Your post also made me determined that I need to create videos of my experience with nextbartrading and I will make sure that these videos are posted all over the internet. If there is a nextbartrading video on the internet then you will definetly see my videos.

happy trading to you!
thanks,,,I lost track of the number of times Austin P has revamped his courses and website too....seems it's a common trick in vendor land.......there's always new money looking to make fast cash in the world of trading...I think the really fast cash is in selling stuff to other traders !! The rest of us put our cash on the line each day in the markets.