Did anybody take a training course in nextbartrading by ELEAZER HERACLEOPOLIS? He talks about nextbar, PVSA and Volume? Any feedback appreciated
I have seen many of his videos and they seem impressive, BUT why does he do the videos with ninja platform in simulator mode? Kind of takes the credibility away for me. If method is that good, why not show real trading with real money.

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I have seen many of his videos and they seem impressive, BUT why does he do the videos with ninja platform in simulator mode? Kind of takes the credibility away for me. If method is that good, why not show real trading with real money.

The last sentence can be answered the same way for all these so-called "educators." I'm sure you can figure it out for yourself, since it's as clear as the nose on your face.
You guys were right on the dot!!. A big thanks.I did research and found this

"Eleazer Heracleopolis committed fraud while raising over $1 million from investors in several states for
a planned Internet "shopping mall."
As a student of Nextbar Trading that took their Masters Series course, I can say that he truly taught me how to spot professional money. I was going to purchase the system from TradeGuider but it was another indicator and it does not teach you a methodology.
Wherever Eleazar has been maybe it was just dues paid to learn how the market truly operates. Even after the course was finished he sent me more material which I was not expecting. I found the followup to be exemplary.

I would recommend him highly.
I am currently a student of NEXT BAR TRADING
Its something I have been missing for the years of trading I did
Please if you have any questions talk to me I am understading the market so much better now and are able to take trades like the teacher is doing check it out on youtube

Please contact me if you have any questions at all.
I am currently taking his classes and this changed everything how I trade... I wish success to all in trading

Its worth every penny for what he teaches is valuable information that will make the trader profitable and more accurate

Thank you for your time
Martin Parkhotyuk
We have 2 first timers here giving testomonials. I'm skeptical of them and this method, because the basic premise is inapplicable to the ES. In an deeply liquid, electronic market, with no market makers, all the players are effectively equal.

There are no floor traders nor large trading syndicates in the ES who are gambling with hundreds or thousands of contracts on a directional trade. This is bushwa marketing to make you think you can get on the same side of the "smart" money.
I am glad for park03363 and vidalia101 that nextbartrading is working for them.

I paid close to $10,0000 for Masters and Mentor course and my experience was completely opposite.

I will post my detailed experience later as I have to go out now..
I paid $10,000 for nextbartrading Masters and Mentor course and I must say that this is the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life.

After four plus years of trading, I was at a stage where I was making money but not to the extent where I can say I am a trader. After struggling for years, the big losing days were behind me. I was looking for a mentor/professional trader who can help me get through this fine line. I must say with all this experience I have stupidly fallen for nextbartrading videos on YouTube.

This is strictly my opinion and my experience with Eleazer I Heracleopolis of Nextbartrading:

After few sessions I realized that I have more experience and knowledge than him. He does not have a basic understanding of Math and numbers and how they are important for trading. It took me close to five years to become what I am as a trader and the frightening part of nextbartrading teaching is to go back to the same mistakes I made as a newbie.
1. The Risk to Reward ratio is mostly negative. Strange as it may sound, he does not discuss Risk to Reward ratio. Finally I gave up on him on R:R
2. He did not show me an EXIT strategy even after several sessions. My question was very simple: How do we manage a bad trade?. He never gave me an answer because he never gets out of a trade.(See#3)
3. He hangs onto losing trades. Not only he hangs on to losing trades but also adds position to losing trades. In my early days of trading, I used to hang onto losers and now I believe in “Losers average Losers”. It does not work for me.
4. Despite my repeated requests Eleazer never traded live markets when I am watching him. He always points to the charts that happened in the past. Finally, after much insisting he took two simulated trades in crude and both of them were BIG losers. The Profit target for both of these trades were 8-10 cents and they went down by TWO DOLLARS!. He justifies these big losers as a paper loss. I would have agreed but do we have to go down by TWO Dollars for 8-10 cents of profit?. This goes back to my first point of how important Risk to Reward ratio is.

It took me years to achieve a traders discipline and almost crossed all the psychological barriers to make it in trading and I did not want to go back to all the newbie mistakes I made (mentioned above #1,2,3).

Again, he swears that ALL his students are happy but he could not give me one convincing answer to any of my questions and he did not make one profitable trade with me. And despite repeated requests he did not introduce me to one student whom I can talk to. My feeling is that he teaches for a living but does not trade for a living.

To summarize my opinion “Eleazer I Heracleopolis is novice in trading and a mediocre at best”

Unlike vidalia101 and park03363 I have a very bad experience and cannot recommend Eleazer Heracleopolis of Nextbartrading.
A continuation from the above post:

I am giving an objective opinion of my experience and you should do your due diligence before you make a dicision.

Looking back, I should have done more research and I think I paid for being lethargic.

Ok here something he teaches how to read the market and spot the professional money come in... Risk to Reward ratio figure it out if your a trader you should know this...
When I take a trade I get in with two half's first target is 1.5 of my stop and the other half is the runner... What he teaches is simple and makes money just figure the R R on your own and crap just because R to R is off doesn't mean the whole system is bad... I took trades live with him and it works... I will have further videos explaining risk to reward and how to leave the rest of the half to trail :)
He takes trades on SIM for a reason you don't need to see his live acct I wouldn't show you mine either... Its confidential
Hope this helps you guys

Martin Parkhotyuk
ask if any questions
thanks,,,I lost track of the number of times Austin P has revamped his courses and website too....seems it's a common trick in vendor land.......there's always new money looking to make fast cash in the world of trading...I think the really fast cash is in selling stuff to other traders !! The rest of us put our cash on the line each day in the markets.