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Taken verbatim from websites and emails hawking trading education, systems or methods. To pass muster, the promotional blather must satisfy one or more of the following:

1. High "cheese ball" factor – This speaks for itself … just plain cheesy … like a used car salesman’s “what will it take to get you in this car today.”

2. Old trite, worn out lines that you can find in any 1970’s sales book sitting on the shelf at your local Half Priced Books store.

3. A claim or comment that is so insanely full of bull$hit that it takes your breath away at the sheer brazen attitude that a human bean would believe it.

Thought this might be semi-entertaining when the market gets slow (like now). Not intended to denigrate any vendors here, only to have a little fun with their promotional material.
I had the Geico caveman in mind when I posted. Waiting for a vendor to use this phrase...LOL :)
Hey red, is taken ... had to check it out of curiosity after your post ... funny!
Experience the power of knowing ahead of time what the market will do before it actually does it. What will YOU do with that much POWER?
"We should also mention that due to Emini Russell liquidity concerns, there will be very limited availability of this important new Autotrader.¨

Are you ready to become a professional Day Trader?

Do you ever dream about trading and the many benefits? Day Traders can live wherever they want, work as few hours as they want each day and not have a boss or employees.

(just got a promo email with a link to a site that contained this)

The Brand New, Hotly Anticipated High Velocity Market Master Gives You A "Backstage Pass" To Industry-Leading Investment Tools, Training, and Exclusive Resources So You Can Learn How To Trade The Markets Live... Without Prior Experience, A $50,000 Account, or An 8-Hour A Day Time Investment!

Retail Price: $3797.00
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Just un-frickin'-real, all that stuff.
Nice work, Monkey have beaten me to the punch.

My goal will is to take it to the next level and hit everyone of their You Tube sites discrediting everything they say using facts.

The simplest of course being that they never publish real money performance statements....and how they rig their hypothetical results...

They are parasites that need to be removed...


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