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ES 11-18-09

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Good for me! Out one at 2..down one now..
This is nerveracking. My stop is at b.e. (1106.75)
Couldnt take it anynore ..out the other at 2 on that one . up one on the day
My original intent was to hold for 1103.75, expecting 1102.75-1103. Guess i'll know soon if i made the right choice or not.
Mish-mash. In fact this whole day has been mish-mash so far! Man i sure had it wrong but if we get another low range mish-mash day, then the odds increas for a high range day soon! Have to see what happens this afternoon i guess.
gonna nap for an hour.. back later..

Back and it doesnt look like i missed anything!
was looking to short 06.75 but doesnt look like it'll get up there. dont want to chase it.
based on 14:15 candle of the 5 min chart, what would u say to a long around 1103? low cycle around 14:50 off the 5 min chart as well.
WELL, I WOULD GUESS THE 1.618 IS AT 1103.75 AND THE 2.618 IS AROUND 1102.25
P S : and bingo on 1107.00!
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