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ES 11-19-09

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Going long from 1085.25.. My reasoning goes like this . we either already hit strong support, or we will soon 1084.25-1086.25. Cycles said it could already be in. All im looking for is a rebound 1095-1097 area. Otherwise im just observing ,, for now
Going forward the next few days, it would seem they want the termination ratio 4.236 off of the 1112.25 around 1075. Not likely today of course.
i have some clustered support off my 15 min chart around 1078-79.fwiw
23 handles range so far. is that about average?
Actually Einstein ,you raise a good issue. Daily ag is between 14.5 and 16 handles (go to the daily notes page) so todays action is an expansion of range as predicted yesterday. (i tended to expect 22-26 today). Coming on a down day i would treat as negative. I treat daily range like most view volume.
sorry to bother you Kool. where is the daily notes page?
on this page go back to the very bottom and you will see it listed
Originally posted by koolblue

I continue to believe that the 1096-1098 zone is very important to the bulls,
...Turned out to be quite prophetic!

I would think there'd be one more push up here...

I'll try a small sell scalp at 1102.75.

too much vol at 1090.00 trying 1089.75
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