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ES S/R Map for 11-20-09

Received this from MonkeyMeat who's having trouble uploading a chart:

Here's what I've got for Friday ... Cyan lines are price action S/R (with a couple of maroon ZONES drawn in) ... Green is the Wkly R1 Pvt and Red is Wkly Mid Pvt. As always, open to any and all feedback and analysis for coming into Friday's trading session.

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ES S/R Map for 20 Nov 2009 from MonkeyMeat
thanks......I'm using the magnets at 1061, 1084, the 1092 , and 1103 - 1105......I had four working from an average price of 1109.25.....took two off at the 91 yesterday and just covered one in overnight at 1084.75...last target is down at 1061 and will adjust my stop after todays trading.........this is the first time in 3 months that I was able to hold anything,,,look at all that great volume that came in at the current overnight low of these magnets.....
Hey Kool,
You had asked about the merged profiles a week or two ago and I replied. This week is a great example of how the volume that forms initially from spikes takes can see the spikes come in first and then price jerks around it.......basically attracted to the prices because somebody with more money then us is keying off what happened at the 1103 - 1105 from Mondays spikes.....they jerked it around there on Tuesday and Wednesday...that is one of the reasons I remained short....the 1092 was a number from last week which also happened to coincide with last weeks close...again price is attracted to volume...anyway I find these better as they are dynamic and we can qualify them with Vertical volume thrusts from day to day........the time - price folks eventually catch up to us but we are usually ahead of them by using the actual volume is often the case these match up quite often with numbers posted by yourself and others......the volume confirms that folks are actually USING a number..too often we have numbers that just get blown through...( nobodies using them) so at the very least the spikes can confirm some interest.....whew that's enough of a brain dump I can give on a friday...the kids have wasted me this week....!! Good luck to all today....I need a good place to put a stop on my one contract short...right now it's at 1100.50 but for no good reason.....
I have another volume number I missed at 1077....just an FYI
Thx Bruce!

...These are my two cents....

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thanks Kool..I'm on the 92.25 short and may be real early
beautiful plus 4 with an open inside yesterdays range into a key number above...textbook stuff...back to rhe open
Not early friend! You've got a nice trade going. I also sold for a couple quick handles there. Great call by the way!. Bruce what time frame do you look at the most for your vol. magnets. I remember a year ago we used to look at one min vol. ,but im asumming your looking at a different perpective.
still use the one minute on the RTH chart.......I want to see when they come in big and quick.....your bid/ask work could probably make that better and get a better feel for WHO is actually doing that heavy buying or selling.....the big or small traders...I know you use that...I should too!!!
is that you that's been buying em up on a Friday Kool ? Nice call...volume into our old pal 92 again to fill that gap.....luv your stuff...well done!!!