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Dollar - Gold Cup

Call me crazy, but I see the "Dollar" taking off, and the Metals collapsing.

Of course this is only for the next few years, because printing "Dollars" at the rate the private Federal Reserve is going, is not only unsustainable, but it is sheer INSANITY. Clearly there is an Evil Agenda here, and the American Middle Class is targeted for destruction.

Meanwhile we can "follow the money", by buying some Dec 2011 Gold Put Options at 700 Strike for under $15. WHEN (not IF) those go In The Money sometime next year, that will give about 10X return. Buying Dollar Calls or British Pound Puts is another strategy. Any one of those should pay off BIG TIME. Just go out far enough so that the Options do not degrade too severely, before getting a chance to cash in.

OK. So call it my "opinion." I see what I see. Call me blind. Call me crazy. Time will tell.

Good Trading,

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dollar cup

I hear tell that just about every Trading System out there is on some Muslim Site. That may well be why Parsons pulled his material off the market, although he still offers Daily Reversal Service for Forex. I would be ticked-off too, if someone stole my hard work and gave it out for nothing. But I would not be too worried about Market Saturation, because Parsons is almost unknown in the Trading World. Yet IMHO his Videos are unsurpassed, in predicting Market Action and reducing Risk to laughable levels. The ONLY better predictions are made by Insiders.


Joe Ross is one of my Mentors. His book, "Trading is a Business" is highly recommended as a Trader's Bible. It is the ONLY place that I have ever seen, where the critical topics of Trade Risk, Trade Management and Money Management were discussed at length. Without a working knowledge of those subjects, a Trader is working practically blindfolded!

From what I see, Gold has put in a Major Top and is headed down for at least severl months. Yet Joe's TTE strategy can still make us considerable profit, even without taking out the recent high. The reason is because of the Principle of Thrust, about which Joe speaks.

Good Trading,

[Admin Edit: Link added to book. Chart scan newsletter link removed.]
Yes Have read some of Joe's stuff in the the Ross hook.
And I may have found a site that might be willing to part with some of parsons stuff for a price..will have to look into it further. As far as where metals are going..seems the pundits out there are varied.
Definitely very confusing to say the least..this is why daytrading is preferred. Just follow price action, and forget the rest.
Doer I have attempted to reach you via email but apparently this system hasn't allowed me to connect to you. My email is [email protected] if you care to send me yours.
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