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ES 12-01-09

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I should point out, the better play is probably to sell any rally off of the levels i posted. Cycles seem to be generally up into about noon, with a possible mini peak around 10:10? . any way going to get some rest.. using a 3 point stop and exit at 1106.25.. wish me luck! I m probably going to need it! See ya in about 2 -3 hours!
Heh, heh, heh... Now thats what i like to see! out both es at 3 on each.. up 6 on the day!

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Still haven't filled gap from 11/25 @ 1109.0 but sure got close
OH, it will! The only question is ,do we stop around 1109.50 or continue to 1111025 before a good reaction? Also 1114.00 looms out there! Its a tough call! Im reviewing the charts now trying to decide.
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Dam! have to leave , but only for a bit ...back in 20 min! dont let em run it up till i get back!ok?
Back! Well theres a bingo on the 1109.50 i mentioned! but i still cant decide where to sell.... this COULD be the spot right here! Great call on that gap resistance Prest!
PLus i need some sleep !...rough nite last night!...good trading all! Does she get get that 1114 today?...time will tell!

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