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ES 12-01-09

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If you sold 1109.50 (wish i did!) heres the first point you might want to cover... the red avg 1107.75....fwiw
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The purpose of my many posts and charts throughout the day is so you can see (in real time) exactly what im looking at and why i make the decisions i make . Hopefully it helps you understand how to properly use and interpet Kools tools! Feel free to dissagree (im certainly wrong on occasion), but im hoping you gain a good understanding of how the thinking process works!....FWIW
If im right about a little mini low around here, then 1107.25 to first little peak at 1108.50 projects around 1110.50 as the next little resistance point.. (unless 1107.25 gets touched again. or broken)
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risky going countertrend, but you know me! If we jump to 1110.50in the next half hour or so ill try a short scalp.

Short from 1110.50.. not sure how ill play it yet, but im not looking for more than just a quick 1.5-3 handle scalp. just have to respect the upside today!
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PLus i need some sleep !...rough nite last night!...good trading all! Does she get get that 1114 today?...time will tell!

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