Lynn's Trading Journal

I am going to start posting my daily results trading the S&P and YM emini.

I have already posted in other forums and have been scolded about saying things I should not have mentioned. So I am posting my results only.

Lynn W.
Originally posted by JTrader2

Just because somebody does not post ahead of trading does not make them a shill. If the person is not selling anything, they should not be asked to defend their position. This is going to deter people from posting and the very purpose of sharing is defeated

I agree that not posting ahead does not make them a shill. However, it makes them look like a shill.

I don't want to deter traders from posting but to Monkey Meat's point just posting your results after the fact and not posting your rationale or setup is not helping anybody and it makes you look suspicious. What is anybody learning from an after-the-fact post? Absolutely nothing? Is it helping traders evaluate a system that someone's using? Absolutely not because anybody can come along on select days and post great trade results at the end of the day.

If a trader posts their intention before taking the trade based on a system's setup then that would provide value in evaluating a system because on this forum you can't go back and edit your posts so would not be able to fudge the results.

If you're not evaluating a system on the forum then you would probably want to share your rationale and reasons before the fact so that others can see what you saw and offer other reasons why they also traded (or are trading) in that direction or reasons why they stayed out of the trade or went in the opposite direction.

I came across this trading journal from your experiences with David Marsh and the Tick Trader program. I've been researching the program for a little while now, and wanted to see what your opinions were now that it's been over a year since you signed up with them. Would you mind commenting about your experiences with the system, and if you've been able to maintain the "1 point per day" goal of the system?

C'mon dude;

You KNOW better!

David Marsh is a vendor and his ghetto f*cking guarantee is bogus.

Though if I had the chance I would like to screw his 'of age' daughter(s) if has any.