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ES 12-04-09

Good morning! long 2 es from last night (posted on the re-cap) at 1097.25..COVERING HERE AT 1100.25
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Job Losses in U.S. Probably Slowed as Growing Economy Mended Labor Market (BLOOMBERG NEWS).. And this...Stock-Index Futures Advance Before Non-Farm Payrolls Figures Report U.S. stock-index futures climbed, indicating the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index may rebound from yesterday’s late sell off, before a report that may show the world’s largest economy cut fewer jobs in November. Well thats the consensus, but imho were due for some sort of surprise

Lol..Too bad i dont hold on to my longs!

I think agood short ter sell scalp might be around 1114.75-1115.75
Ugh! A bad miss.. 3 ticks...watching
I find it strange the us peso would be screamin higher WITH equities
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dx 5m 12 04 09
Very odd! But thats because this rally will be short lived?...
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STOPPED AT 1096.50..loss of 4 total..down 2.5 onthe day. Way to give it all back!
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