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ES 12-10-09

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Good morning , so far so good ,i see ... going to buy slightly lower.. not sure where yet tho!
i'll try buying 1097.50... (march !)
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Notice how the red avg (15ema) holds it up on this rally for a period , then gives way and the white 54 ema becomes ultimate support? the first leg of the rally from 1087.75 did the same thing. That tells me ... the rally is long in the tooth! (since it already broke down to the white avg again) and that the white avg is the key. when we break it and begin to hold below it, a trend change may be very likely!
Bingo!...Filled at 1097.50. Also bothering me here is, remember the cycles begin to turn neg after noon today!(at least i think so!)
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Man ,i just dont like this for some reason... raising my usual 3 point stop to 1.5... 1096.00!
It's not much, but retail is actually staring to buy a little! Yippee! Theres stlill a chance!(1102 and change?)
took one off at 1.5 on the day .. but holding the other for 1101 or 1102! raising stop to 1096.75, just below that last little swing low...

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