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ES 12-11-09

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Yeah. i'll sell 1104.50 or buy 1096.50
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Thanks Kool
I have been using your system and love it. I even get the same targets finally.

let me add my two cents worth. Kool's methodology is as good or better than anything else I have come across. I do have a question for Koolio. Soemtimes you pull the trigger at 161 and sometimes you wait for the 261. Is your choice dependant on what stochs are doing at the time, wave count or some other factor? Thanks.
My high shows 1103.75 which is also the initial balance high for today
It was, untill a few min ago... see the below one min chart...

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ok , im going to make you guys rich... lol.. heres how to use the projections . you know to use a swing high or low to generate them . notice on the left of the chart . ALMOST always you will get a reaction on the 1.618 and of course my 2.618. the first proj. went right thru the 1.618 right up to the 2.618 (12102.50) that is very rare. then came the reaction. then that low (1100.75)to the next bars high (the next little initial move (1102.50) gave a 1.618 at 1103.50. and price continued up to ...1103.75! then of course the reaction! the reaction goes to the area of the 1.618 (1100.50) and then of course the reaction, etc
now of course trying to catch every little move on a one min chart to the 1.618 (high probability) projection will drive you nuts (tho you almost always get one or two handles. so what i do is look at the projections off of bigger charts like the 13 min(or 15 min deadly ,if you prefer) to see where the main numbers are. (like 1091.50, 1106.75-1107.25) and then during the day i spend a lot of time on the smaller one min chart which as we get closer ,usually starts to give the same numbers if they are in fact legit!
thanks for that insight Kool. What I am working on is using the 15 min deadly in combination with the 5 min chart to enter. I prefer the 5 min to the 1 min because it forces me to enter fewer trades and I am looking for 4-6 handles on my trades rather than 1.5-2.
Thanks for the lessons kool

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