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ES 12-14-09

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I also sold 8.75 got out at 8.5.....You da man
WOW, EXITED AT 1106.75! plus 2 on each es.. now up 4 handles on the day. Although im not particularly proud of that trade i am proud of the discipline i employed to get here!... whew!
Originally posted by rburns

I also sold 8.75 got out at 8.5.....You da man

Actually Burnsey, you probably made the more sensible move! notice the 5 min stoch's had already given a buy ?
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Another point of interest.. why did i choose 1106.75 to exit? Well if you look at all the previous charts you'll see various projections 1105.75, 1106.25 1106.50 , etc ... i just wanted to front run them (ie: get out just above) to ensure better odds of a fill since i dont know which will turn it! Never quibble about a tick or two on an exit ! On an entry, sure thats fine , but not on an exit. (still think you made the better plAy RBURNS!)
R burns , im actually very proud of the progress you have made.. remember a win is a win! yes even one tick! 6 months ago you would have lost 2 handles on that trade!
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remember the cycle turn right here.. i cant do anything , cause i have to leave but im guessing this is a good short ! 5 min stoch's are overbought and just signalled down...
the only fly in the ointment is that dam 13 min chart... still looks pretty bullish , 2 hour and 5 min are negative however ,imho! gotta run ... best of luck all! see you tomorrow!
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