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ES 10-07-10

Well, not much changed overnight , same targets apply. The only difference i see is that both the 5 min and the 13 min mov avg's have changed to a bearish posture.
Well, thats it for me...great day! I feel the es might have a couple handles left and then a decent deline,,, time will tell!.. c ya!
cya koolio...good to see u get ur feet wet with crude again
Hey Kool- late to get out of the gate today but nice to see you trading crude. I have been trying to get a toe in the water trading QM which is really CL/2. When you have a moment could you elaborate on your last long trade in CL this afternoon? Was interested in what time frame and price projection you were using to enter. Thanks as always.
Originally posted by koolblue

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...sure Einstein... see the chart? see the obvious support around that 82.60 level? And notice the 2 lows i have marked.. after the second one it seemed to me it would be natural to test the upper boundry around 83.10 or so. i had the projection to 83.13 and a short term chart saying 82.97 minimum! when i saw this we were around 82.69... a few seconds later ,it started to take off so i just pulled the trigger for a market fill.Hence my entry.too bad it was so late
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