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In the Year 2010 and beyond

The trade for 2010 is long the US index and short all else.

Trade of the decade: Too many but Eurodollar is a safe bet..short the rates will zoom up in 2015/2016 and start moving up in 2012 slowly.

Trade of the century: Euroyen, British rates at 314 year LOW
S...this probably is the trade of the century. And there are many other great trades.

Copper, corn, gold, silver, beans, wheat, OJ, coffee, oats, bellies, oil, crude oil etc short in 2010. Cocao watch...expecting good high in 2011.

My Dec 09 forecast for the US index at 74-72 came close..74.54 and a 1-2-3 bottom was made at the donwtrend line 76.03 ( just like copper before the big up move). The revisit of 76/75 is in the offing but the big target is 95 and this will happen Nov 2010-Jan 2011/June 2011 then down to 41 by end 2012. This is the Mayans 2012 great shock to the system.

The Fed reserve will come out with a new note in 2013 because of the new low in the US index in 2012. It will still be called the dollar for now but having some sort of metal backing....some BS. This will be great for the metals & markets and commodities..and inflationary boom ensues. US index high of 112/113 and 164/181 by 2019.

Jan 21 2010 should bring highs in indices..then down then up ( 1-2-3 top) then sideways and March 16 short.

Get ready for shorts as the up move is basically done. My main targets have been hit..10314 and 1126.25 on YM and its window dressing...the wolves are getting ready to slaughter the sheep before the feast can begin. Downtown on ES is 420/380 and YM is 4200/3800 by Jan/June 2011. Then go long as the great move up begins.

By 2015 ES at 3,200-4000 and YM at 22,000-28,000. Then crash to dow=gold at 1:1 at 8-10,000. This is the 2016 low that all are waiting for...the bear close. So you can see where gold and silver will get too.

Nikkei makes a double top at 39,000 or 40,000 by 2026. The Indian Mkt BSE will outperform the Shanghai sensex and the BSE will reach 80-100,000 by 2028/31 from a low of 6000 in 2010/2011.

Real estate low in 2011 in America... that is why there one more debacle to occur, commercial, insurance companies and more foreclosures which will make headlines in March 2010. Buy RE in 2011.

So get ready to make a lot of money. All has to boom before the great depression arrives in 2032/2040-44 as globailzation collapses with the rumblings starting in 2029.

Britain tried globalization in the 19th century and it collapsed. No different this time.

Remember these 2 phrases in trading and for that matter life.

" Nothing is new under the Sun. What has been will be again."

" The sheep must be slaughtered before the feast can begin."

Great trading in 2010
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