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ES 2-5-10

Good morning. A quick review.. i expected lower prices this week and wow!. We got em. (see last posts at longer term views). I was looking at 1062.50 (and in fact , bought 1070.50 after the 1059.25 low ). The signs are there however for a rebound attempt real soon! either today, or more likely monday. Below 1095 told me this is a intermediate type correction, not just a steep short term one. To make a long story longer, im expection lower(1015? or 990?)prices eventually, but probably a decent rebound (1059? 1069.75?) first.
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todays daily
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lOL.. just sold one at 1055.25 and covered a min later at 1051.75! Impulse trade... i just cant help fading a pop and drop oppurtunity!
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NOW MISSING THAT SHORT HURTS. gonna be an ugly open!
missed again.. by two ticks that time..
long from 1052.50
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taking one off now...1055.50 ,holding the other for 1056.75
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Hi KoolBlue,

Glad to see you back posting your thoughts here again.
So do you still think given current setup and context, the probabilities of a bounce on Monday are still good ?
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