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sell with me...

up here at 1131....
naz being like a rocket is gonna make our work harder today
on the 40.50's for the 37.75's..gonna be a hard plus 8 or 10 number hit ..yet!
if those triples hold they will try and push it to the 44 - 46 area today....and I won't be trading on the long side for that...still fading
what happened to the NQ ? showing even greater divergence.....which would help us short 8 got hit... still a tough fade...volume all dried up again....BORING!!
I find that when I start drawing classic patterns on my charts is when I start to lose objectivity and end up on the wrong side...this may be a great example...the rising wedge..should be theory so that means they will probably bust it out to the upside into that 44 - 46 zone......I mention it as this is a weakness of mine
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If I can see it then so can everyone!
the 8 - 10 zone off the open is 1142.25 - 1144.25. The plus 8 - 10 off the low of the triples is 1144 - 1146. This could get interesting now that 44 has printed
watching 45.50 / 46.50
trying from 44.50...42.50 needs work...
was that R2 for you REd or a candle pattern?
Originally posted by redsixspeed

watching 45.50 / 46.50
r3A = 1146.83..r3B = 1147.25.....the 45.50 / 46.50 are
projections. If the projections fall @ a s/r area they
are stronger, but I trust the projections more than
the pp areas
gap st 37.75 careful longs!
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