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The future is known to those that believe in the REBEL....Jesus

And the Democrats and Republicans have been bought out by the devil/snake.

ALL religions on earth are apostate and the less religious you are the better. They are NO CHOSEN PEOPLE..this is the most BS...But there is the Snake and the Rebel...Jesus/Super human being. Read Revelation 2:9 by John to get the tip of the iceberg.

You will know the future if YOU believe and are a I know the future in price and most of time.

Today, March 5, 2010 the TF (Emini Russell 200) made a high at 666.10. March 6,2009 the ES made a low at 666 ( 665.75). Is this by chance??? Who controls Wall Street and the people who do are mocking YOU Christians, the founding fathers of America...for 666 is the sign of the Devil and YOU do not get the GAME.

Too "Dazed and Confused" You need some "Uncle Remus" and "Jap" by Zappa to wake you up, before you lose all your money.

"Nothing happens by chance, for if it did the state would not be in control."

" Whoever you think is your friend by listenning to the media, gov't hollywood, gurus, whitehouse, etc are not your friends....they are the Funkadelic stated...Cosmic Slop "And the Devil sang."

TF monthly high went it started trading was 658 and the close was 630 in 2001. Watch this number and get short for a retest of 341.60.

"Nothing is new under the sun, what has been will will be again."

Its going to get worse as ES 550 beckons, YM 550 beckons, gold 640-614 bekcons, $8/8.57 in silver beckons, sugar 13/10/7.5850 beckons/will beckon, OJ, Coffee, Wheat, beans, corn,et tal......

"The snake is why you lose money." who is the snake.....its very simple but very, very, very hard to believe who it is. me. 9/11....I've just been blow up. Coincidence??? NOT. "Nothing happens by chance, for if it did the state is not in control." hmmm and some cavemen muslims did it?? Really. "By way of deception I do battle" is the motto of the agency that did 911.

Wars...started by the bankers...who started banking..."Banking was Evil by Christians" who took it over...Rothschild and all his buddies for centuries.... and your Federal Reserve is controlled by Whom? Who runs your Fed, Goldman Sachs runs your Gov't??

Christian vs Muslim??? Why?? "By way of deception, I do battle." Which Intelligence agency has this motto?? For I am the snake....and I care not for you America, Christians and Muslims....hehhe..."by way of deception, I conquer America and make all your population poor"

You lose money again and again trading, investing for 175 million adult population in America and 171 are Christian ( Black and fighting against each other...why???) and 171 millon suckers who lose their money to such a few million people all the time??? Chance?? Not.

Two presidents wanted to print money by the Gov't, Lincoln and Kennedy..they got shot. Why?? Your gov't can sell bonds but why have the Federal Reserve to look after printing your money??? Snake....hehe.

Wake up before its too late.

Jesus the REbel...i'LL be back...Snake.
Nice post keep it up.. By the way you nailed that jan 21 top..
Dude, ya left out the Trilateral Commission and the Rockefellers ... and I'm thinking maybe they're cookin' up some serious new market algo's in area 51. And don't get me started with those extremist fascio-Taoist terrorists!

Btw, if you take 666 and sum the digitis 6+6+6=18 ... then take 18, summing the digits 8+1, you arrive at 9. Simply take the square root of 9, which is 3, and then multiply by the fib number 2.618 equals 7.854 !!! And if you subtract 1.854 from that number, you end up with 6 ... then multiply it by 111 ... and you end up with 666 ... AGAIN ...

Which is exactly how many beers I've had so far this year. About to crack open 667. Enjoyed the read. Here's a click of bottle 667 to modern word art!

Monkeys Are People Too!

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