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ES short term trading 4/08/10

crucial day.. short term bias:down (hell it is Thursday, right? ). well yesterday they took it down almost to my 1172.50 number (and the trendline!) falling just short at 1173.25.The bad news is last night on globex we hit 1172.50 and crashed below the trendline. Oddly enough, seems like most bloggers are expecting a wave 3 explosion higher today, so one of us is going to be very right or very wrong!
This just doesn't look that strong to me and I'm trying to get sells now at 77....that 74 has me fixated and they may smoke me over lunch...YM now ledaing higher which I hate
I hope that by the time NQ hits 1973 and russel hits 695.3 SP will hit open
If they hit the open then 1174 is on
flat 77.50 for the loss...I have a bad read up here but I'm still surprised if they let those 75 and 74 players keep that area
r u refering to the overnight open?
Originally posted by ak1

If they hit the open then 1174 is on
08:40:29 BUY_LIMIT 1172.00
10:56:13 SELL_LIMIT 1178.50
Though timing is off by 5 min.
trying again from 78.25
Click image for original size
Bruce RTH open is 1175 on my charts
flat again..waiting to see if they push the overnight high
what happened here AK1...I think Rburns has a point that we need some kind of reason and follow up.......but I don't like how he is coming on here and not really contributing...only trying to get your "secrets"...I think we gotta give a little to get a lot...anyway I'm trying to keep you honest...LOL
Originally posted by ak1

Short 1183.
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