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Floored the movie

Here is a link to see the trailers of FLOORED, the movie about floor traders.
Caution, some strong language.

Here's another one

I finally got around to watching this movie last night. I was not impressed mostly because it didn't teach me anything. I thought that is was interesting from a historical perspective and there were some colorful and interesting characters that were interviewed for the movie but as a documentary didn't do much for me. We all know that the pits are almost gone and one day will be and there was a lot of lamenting about that and one crazy guy saying how evil computers were and insinuating that they should be banned and they are the worst thing that's ever happened. His ranting was semi-amusing but nothing more than that.

Here's the movie if you're interested. It's also available on NFLX instant streaming.
Watched it twice! And will probably watch it again.

While I agree there's not much for educational support, other than reaffirming AGAIN what's been said many times (which I still need), there is a lot to be said for emotional support (which I REALLY need as well).

The KEY POINT made(at least for me) is, a persons inability to exit a bad trade. That hypnotic feeling as your watching yourself lose money. Everything I've learned on this forum will be rendered useless, unless I learn to execute better exits!

The dooms day guy kinda scared the poop out of me a bit, but the frustration and refrain from the gentleman who was unsuccessfully attempting to set him at ease was, at least, able to set me at ease. About computer trading anyways.

I've obviously never been on the trade floor, but I'm positive it must have been a exciting and fantastic era for many. Although, I am confident that new and possibly better bonds can and will be made as this new era of e-trading evolves.

MyPivots Day Trading Forum has set evidence of such concept.
This is a great movie: Pursuit of Happyness

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