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Hi ES....."When I LOOK into your Eyes"

The Santana version is the "bomb." I love this song...........send it to Obummer...maybe then he can get some "passion" for being the American President and NOT Wall Street bum chum!! Ron Paul is my man..brown/black/white...this is the man! What YOU waiting for...even a "Funk band can play rock and roll music." Funkadelic

Here is my version of Santana's soulful music.

"When I look into your eyes, I told you the Dog would arise to 2054, but it only hit 2037.75( April 16)hmmmm

"When I look into your eyes, I told you Jan 21, March 16 and April 16 would bring a big suprise for you to make a lot of money and tell your woman YOU love her EYES."

"When I look into your eyes, I see so so so much passion arise, but when it comes to your trading you need to know how to survive."

"When I look into your eyes, I see the ES at 1240/1256/1270 and its NO suprise, my love never dies for all you traders who NEVER GIVE UP AN TRY.!

"When I look into your eyes, I see ES at 1175.75 and possibly 1164.75 or even 1163.25 by April 20/21, but do not worry for it will go to 1270 by Aug 10, 2010 and I never LIE.!

"When I look into your eyes, I see THE love, passion, soul in your stride, so use it wisely and NEVER LIE, for trading is a serum from the "REbEL" where the truth never dies and will make YOU a lot of money if you NEVER LIE."

"When I look into your eyes, I see America the great nation being brought down ( by the snake) and it makes me cry..but I never give up for I seek the people who NEVER LIE.......When I look into your EYES."

"When I look into your eyes, I see ES at 1175.75 and possibly 1164.75 or even 1163.25 by April 20/21,

It will take some doing to get that 1175.75 but we still have a full
day...lot of support down below
There should be no daily close above 1210.50. If there is I'm wrong.

The high should be in for globex at 1208.50.

I'm short 1206.50 with my daytrade( you know I'm long on my daily and for a long while).

The low numbers are 1175.75/1164/1163.

Micro turn dates are April 26. April 20 is a turn date. I was expecting a made a high.

1240/1256/1270 are in play. This ES should at most get to 1320 if past 1270.

Keep in mind the 1147/1150 area.
The upmove was a short squeeze as it did not fit the pattern. Unusual behaviour signals a move one way or the other.

If you look at hourly chart you can see a bull WW waiting to be filled and now a bear WW completed.

No close above 1210.50 nor 1209.50. I'm short 1202.75 with another order to short at 1204.50. I'm expecting 1175.75-1172.

I'm watching a daily close but any 30 min or hourly close will get me out. Not been wrong at all in all of 2010....but there is ALWAYS a first time...( the RebEL telling me I'm human).

April 26 is another micro turn date.

May 19 is a bigger date. If I'm correct, this will be up and down with a downer phase till May 19 to get the "Suckers" to believe "Sell in May and go away."

The upmove will bring targets at 1240/1256/1270 for now and Aug. 10 is the nex big day. If past 1270 then 1320 should be it.

I'm still long on my daily. 1126.25 main number. 1147/1150 secondary main number.
I'm short the 1202.50....I'm lkg for 1175.75/1172...hmm

1202.50-1176.75 = 25.75 pts. A little late...but it happened.
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