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We are going to 1223 on the ES!!

Target 1167 hit right on the money. First target was 1173.25 and this was the ultimate-1167. I mentioned this last week or the week before.

NO hourly,30 minute or 15 minute close 1167. There should be no weekly close below 1177.

We are going to 1223 by May 19 or before.

1230/1240/1265.50(1270) and 1320.

Gold 1182.40 came about as I mentioned back in January 2010. I stated by April 16 it should it 1182.40 back in Jan 2010 and even reiterated this in March or before.

It should travel sideways to down then up in August...then down to 850/800/700 and 640. 850-800 could be the downside...but the "symmetry target is 640". I'm short from $1182.40...daily position trading. Other commodity trades also...but you guys are not into it.

Sugar trade I mentioned back in Nov 2009 with Sugar making a high at $30-35 and maybe up to 38 but Jan 2010 should do the top. Jan 1 (4) was a turning can see this on the further out Sugar contracts. This was an amazing trade from February 2010. I stated to back in Nov 2009 that $15 area would come by May 2010 from the hight area to $30-35/38. April 30, 2010 was the nearest turning date.

I will wait for Sugar to make a retracement then short it again to $11-8 as I stated back in Nov 2009 is the ulimate target come 2011 May/June.

Coffee and Beans watching.

"Nobody does it better."....Captain and Tenille(??) or GAnn.

Good trading
May 5 update:

1177.75, 1167.25, 1150.75 ( near 1148 area). This should stop here. May 6 is a turning date. Feb May 5 or 6.

Daily close above 1167.25, especially 1177.50 should take us to 1223 and up to 1240/1270. May 19 next macro date.

Only US index not behaving as it should. Target is 95 and now at 84...much too early on the move up.....

1126.25 is the LINE in the sand.

Good trading.
I am long at 1150.75 and 1148.75. Any 30,60 minute close below 1147.25 will get me out. I'll watch the 15 minute for fake outs.

I am holding these till 1177 but will peel off some at 1167.25/1164.50 as I have 25 contracts on this trade. No daily close below 1150.75

Weekly close must be above 1177. 1176.75 is the 2 pt on the 1-2-3 top at 1216.75 and 1207.75. I expecting 1223 at first.

1084.75-1216.75 was 132 pts. Half is 66 pts. 1216.75-66 = 1150.75 which lines up very nicely on the charts.

The numbers to watch are 1150.75 and 1164.50/1167.25 on the way up. Below is 1128.75.

This is part of the 53 pt shakeout that was going to happen at 1215 area. I was expecting it to happen at 1223. 54 or 93 pts yet to be determined from 1216.75.

Draw your line from 1216.75 to 1040.75. You can also draw your line from 1216.75 to 1084.75. It should become clear. You have to use the ratios I use..see my posts before.

Only thing that is out of sync in this picture is US index moving up so soon and Gold going up.

I told you back in Jan 2010 the US index trade would be the trade of the year and March or April 16 would bring about the drop.

The move past 1148 changed my mind and too much pessimissm now. The real pattern is for everything to drop and DX move up. But the move has been too soon and quick and Gold is not behaving as should.

Good trading.
I am reversed at 1144.50 for 1134/1128 area. The trades are only my daytrades. Long on the daily.

May 6 is a turning day....real low.

Good trading
I am out of my short ( reversal trade )at 1128/1126.25 and long 1128 area with 20 trade. I will hold these as long as the daily close is above 1126.25.

I will add to my long on my position trade with a daily close above 1150.75.
Reversed at 1110.00!!!

out 1065.50

This is like February 27, 2007....

long at 1070...just 5. Will hold as long as daily close is above 1056 for a good 50% retracement.

More than 93 pt correction. Whew.

Lets see if April 16 was the day....May 19 will tell the tale.

Will add to long on position trading as long daily close above 1126.25.
Feb. 27, 2007...was down down down.....

Then we got a move up at the eod...if I can remember correctly.

I was taking calls from the guy called Steve Tetres....he was and maybe still on...ohh what's that called...not paypal but Pa...something...Kingfish was there..Naturus is there...have not been to that chat since 2008....

Steve just counter trend the whole day ( he was going long and getting burned)..and I lost a killing.....but he made up most if not all his losses on the last trade or two as he went long.

By then I had given up.....

"Perfection" has its faults. I harken back 2 weeks ago and mentioned a 53 or 93 pt correction ( should have happened at 1223...but did at 1216.75) but we got much more....1216.75-1056= 160.75 pts.

I knew I should have gone long 25 but..hey today has been wild and profitable....losses turned to profits....10% wrong can still make or break you.

1129 is the 50% move from 1202-1056....done.

We opened today at 1157.50.....100 pts in a those funky rides in summer/fall 2008.

My low for today was 1150.50 or 1148...boy was I blown by.

Let's see if this closes above the daily trend line.

1126.25 hit...this is the 50%....This is powerful, once hit only 2 things moves on up past 1126.75 and tests 1176.75 and 1216.75 or goes down to test 665.75.

Right now we have 1-2-3 top at 1216.75-1176.75-1207.75. But the 50% has been hit at 1126.25.

Lets see what May 19 brings??? Have they "Sold in May and gone away' or got the suckers to believe that???

Good trading.
name of this topic "we going to 1223" the way we gapped
up at the open we should be there in the next hour or so
1216.75 AND 1223.

93 pts down was the target. But 7 pts can make a difference.

Bias is the mkt is going to 1223/1242/1265/1275/1320.

1126.25 is the key. I do not forsee a weekly close below this come May 21.

May 1-July 15 is the run up if it is to happen. We then see what happens till Aug 10.

Trade what you see.

The ES is a small part of my trading...but I wanted to come back and tell the "newbies" you don't need indicators, courses or any gurus.

Go long or short on the daily with an opposing will tell you a lot about your mind, your heartbeat, your views....see how they flip when you listen to the TV, gurus, chat rooms...etc.

Do not buy any courses from anyone....just do what I told you. If you wrong then get out.

Geez....there goes most of the course sellers mkt here.
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