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ES short term trading weekend preview 5-08-10

To say last week was interesting severely understates the facts, doesn't it? The profits for the whole year wiped out in about 30 min. A roughly 30 handle stretch at the lows where there were virually no bids in the pits! The usual fantasy stories (fat finger theory!)about the events and a vix at 40! Normally , a reading over 32-35 seems to mark intermediate type bottoms. new highs 52, new lows 216! Payment for all the index rise thru ugly fundementals? Or just an aftershock from last years devestating bear earthquake? And now , what could be , just as interesting of a week ahead. observe the calendar. Mon-tues look to be fun ,and friday too!....

Your chart above showing 1115.36...I had 1115.10...must be a
data feed issue...anyway I had to lol when I saw your comment.
thanks for all the great posts and charts on this thread. nice work!!!
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