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Gold Futures Chart Info ?

fyi- was wondering if anyone could give a few tips on charts for the futures Gold. Especially what tick charts to use or follow?

Also any Trading room that likes Gold and has a successful track record for Gold Trades?
Trade of a daily chart.

There is NO room that daytrades gold and NO successful trader on ONLY Gold that I know. If one prevails...he probably knows nothing.

Gold in the doldurms from 1984-2002 and only got ATTENTION since 2007/2008 after meltdown.

You can trade the minis or the GC.


If you think gold is going up you want to go long. If you think Gold is going down you want to go short.

Trade the daily chart...DO NOT DAYTRADE.

Now select a contract month go out 3 months...I would go past the August month.

Go long or short and buy an opposing option. So if you go long buy a put at the strike price of the long or close to it. I usually go 3-5 strikes out and let if go to zero. But my profit is 25-50 times my put expenses.

Like Sugar trade short since February....I had 5 shorts and 5 puts at the strike and 5 calls about 3 strikes past my short and I sold call options much further up so my call options as a hedge cost me "NOTHING."

Your best bet is go long and buy a put with an opposing option as I stated above. Go past August. Do this 'REAL LIFE' experience YOURSELF WITHOUT LISTENING TO ANY will see your heartbeat race, your mind flip, you wife yell and then you realize I can do this...its not so hard. Do not give up...GIVE UP...YOU LOSE!!!

Gold will either be at 1320/1350/1380/1400 or 900/875/800.

The DX ( US index is the key).

Good luck
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