Market Pro Online Chat

Market Pro Online Chat

Live Event Simulcast from the Las Vegas Traders Expo
December 13, 2005 @ 7:30 PM Chicago / 8:30 PM Eastern time.,3206,1058+33040,00.html

Log on and Chat up 7 Market Pros who will enthusiastically answer your questions on a wide range of important-to-you market topics.

SFO Magazine’s Editor, Gail Osten, will get things rolling by introducing speakers and asking a few pertinent questions…then lets you do the asking.

Here are the speakers you’ll be conversing with:

JON NAJARIAN – Once a linebacker with “Da Bears,” Dr. J. is editor of ChangeWave’s Options Investor and A long-time options trader, he can wax poetic on current hot stocks, business, options stats, trades of the day, and more.

KENTOWER – Chief technical analyst at CyberTrader, Ken has a technical analysis bent on the market geared specifically for active traders. Widely acknowledged for his contribution to Dr Martin Zweig’s best-selling book, Winning on Wall Street.

LINDA RASCHKE – This blonde dynamo is a well-known trader, market educator, money manager and one of Jack Schwager’s select group of “Market Wizards.” Count on her to be a realistic judge of what to look for in markets, trading techniques and market psychology.

PRICE HEADLEY – Founder and chief analyst for, Price provides specific stock and options strategies and analysis of significant market trends.

CHRIS SHERIDAN – President of MarketZAR, a company that provides customers with the educational experience and online ability to compete against each other in a simulated trading environment for cash prizes…with virtually zero at risk (thus, ZAR).

JOHN CARTER – An auspicious beginning, Carter grew up the son of a Morgan Stanley stockbroker. Last summer, he produced a live video of CBOT and CME floors with pit noise and more than a dozen strats to trade futures and forex—more than 20 years of experience contained within.

KEN WOOD (aka “Woodie”) – Sage of online chat and education (all for free) through Woodie’s CCI Club, he has become a favorite speaker and superior educator in the futures arena. He aims to help traders become better!