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Unprecedented Volatility As Globalization Rocks

Unprecedented Volatility As Globalization Rocks Commodity World

Live Event Simulcast from the Las Vegas Traders Expo
December 15, 2005 @ 5:15 PM Chicago / 6:15 PM Eastern time.,3206,1058+33110,00.html

Join Dave Hightower, president of The Hightower Report, for a lively discussion on an exciting new era in commodities. After two decades of commodity price deflation, rapid economic development in Asia has sparked a resurgence of demand for physical materials. Add to this mix the increased presence of fund traders and you have the potential for unparalleled price action. Dave will discuss ways to capitalize on this resurgence in the commodity markets by using combinations of futures and options. Sponsored by CBOT, Intershow & ADM Investor Services.

About the Speaker
Dave Hightower was one of the first paid, full time analysts covering the stock index sector when they began to trade back in the early 1980's and has been at it ever since. Prior to establishing The Hightower Report, he was the Director of Research at the world's largest commodity brokerage firm. In that role, Mr. Hightower oversaw a department that consisted of more than 40 analysts, covering just about every sector of the marketplace. In total, Mr. Hightower has had 23 years of very intensive commodity research experience in nearly every aspect of the futures industry. Mr. Hightower is a frequent guest on CNN, Bloomberg Television, and many other industry programs.

Mr. Hightower is a noted options specialist at the commercial level and is responsible for strategy decisions using options on futures at several companies. Mr. Hightower has also educated a number of foreign traders in basic and advanced hedging techniques. In his career Mr. Hightower has experienced a diverse range of futures market applications with all levels of the marketing channel.

The Hightower Report has been producing daily research reports for the past 14 years via proprietary quote systems, fax, email and in 2004 launched its comprehensive Research Center website, which probably makes it the most widely read commodity daily research product in the world. The Research Center provides insightful daily market forecasts, including pre-opening, verbal mid-day and after market reports, along with trading ideas utilizing both futures and options.
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