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Crude oil 7-23-10

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...ulitmate target down is around 77.50...
expecting a little mini peak around 2-3 min
hittin the red avg again.. which is now at 78.79
i might be gettin too greedy here... short again from 78.81.. but i notice the 5 min prc bands are beginning to turn up! and there is a small positive divergence on the rsi indicator.. both are indications the bottom is in...or very close!
for that reason i have a very tight stop at 78.91
LOL...notice you never had a 5 min close above the red avg?... very powerful tool!
out again at 150 more bucks... hey Mr. buffet.. make me a key for the executive ****ter!
now you see why i tend to bail at the first pause!
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man, gonna get some sleep! fun day!.. great chart btw, VO! ...LATER!
working a short off of .75 with my runner now at be stop. My guess is that I get stopped, but when it breaks down I think we see 77.83

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cl 233t 7 23 10 4
good @.86 runner gets taken at be
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