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MP tgts achieved in Spoos but not in Bonds

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March S&P. Note the roll-over may create a tough day on Friday so standing aside to see what unfolds early next week is not necessarily a bad idea especially as some mportant tgts were met elsewhere. eg Dec. DOW at 10738. for further info see charts at my website

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March Bonds
[1272.75] H
[1272.50] H
[1272.25] HI
[1272.00] HI
[1271.75] GHI
[1271.50] GHI
[1271.25] GHI
[1271.00] GHI
[1270.75] GHI
[1270.50] GI
[1270.25] GIJ
[1270.00] FGIJ
[1269.75] FGJ
[1269.50] FGJ
[1269.25] FJ
[1269.00] FJ
[1268.75] FJK
[1268.50] FJK [VAH]
[1268.25] FJK
[1268.00] FJK
[1267.75] FJK
[1267.50] DFJK
[1267.25] DFK
[1267.00] DFK
[1266.75] DFKL
[1266.50] DFKL
[1266.25] DFKL
[1266.00] DFKL
[1265.75] DFKL
[1265.50] DFKLMQR
[1265.25] DEFKLMQR
[1265.00] DEFKLMQR
[1264.75] DEFKLMQR
[1264.50] DEFKLMPQR [POC]
[1264.25] DEFKLMPQR
[1264.00] DEFKLMPQR
[1263.75] DEFMPQ
[1263.50] DEFMPQ
[1263.25] DEMPQ
[1263.00] MNPQ
[1262.75] MNPQ
[1262.50] MNPQ
[1262.25] MNPQ
[1262.00] MNP
[1261.75] MNP
[1261.50] MNP [VAL]
[1261.25] MN
[1261.00] MN
[1260.75] N
[1260.50] N
[1260.25] N
[1260.00] N
[1259.75] N
[1259.50] N
[1259.25] N

This is the Market Profile graphic in tick increments. I agree with your comments about neutral day. Here is a bar chart showing the 30min bars for the ES H6 contract over this week. The 3 horizontal lines show the VAH, POC, and VAL. On Monday the POC and VAL were the same so it looks like 1 line is missing there.

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ES H6 contract - first week of new contract. 30min bars RTH with MP VA and POC lines.
one line missing from your chart or mine or one line requiring to complete something. In reality I don t think it matters either way becasue as you will see with Fridays postings the market is showing possible signs of needing to search out lower value especially if the early Monday am open rejects the buyer. This past week has been entirely about spreads and roll-over is very similar to option expiry in that it sucks out the premium and beats everyone up until they no longer wish to play anymore. That is precisecely when you should take the next trade.
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