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Oil Trading Academy

Did anyone bought the Oil Trading Academy videos ?
Are these worth the $400 asked ?


@Dominique. I purchased the code 1 and code 2 three months ago. The code 2 is amazing you will love it. I'm averaging 200 pennies per week using the code 2 with very low drawdown, never had a system like this before! It's based on time of day for your entry and it works! Made 100 pennies this morning again! I love this system and David has shared this great secret so thanks to David and Oil Trading Academy we have the best system for trading. All the best.
@TheTurner - You said that you bought the systems three months ago. How long have you been using them for? Immediately after purchase?

Followup question: If you'd used this methodology for trading over the last 5 or 10 years would it have been equally as profitable as you have seen over the short period that you've just tried it for?
That sounds so much shilly it isn't even funny. Next time, use ticks or cents not pennies, as really CL has nothing to do with England.

What is your best indicator to help identify a reversal

I use volume ...
@daytrading. How can I tell that? When I go back on the charts they stop working and fade away and don't show anything? Maybe I'm using the wrong charts? I can go back only a couple months can you go back more? I don't know how long it would work in the past but working nice now :-) I scored 79 pennies today in one trade! Or called cents or ticks or what not, I just know it's $10 for every one of these ticks/pennies and 79 of them is $790. I need to build my account up to $15,000 and then I'm going to use 2 contracts and make $20 per tick! I love trading Futures! What are you trading? Are you trading oil like me? Maybe we can help each other?
@TheTurner - it's called back testing. If you're using a system you should back test it over several market conditions to determine if you could survive during the down periods. All systems have times when they lose money and your survival depends on your ability to be able to withstand the draw down during that period.
Best indicator to identify a reversal?

Long time ago, I spotted one price-pattern (megaphone) that is a reasonable indicator of reversal. But that pattern has become very rare in CL, as least as seen by my reversal system, and to be honest, it's not been working good since the beginning of this year.

My most recent system (CL always-in) mostly tries to get into established trends (about 75% of its trading decisions). About 15% of its trading decisions are reversals based on 2 price-patterns (megaphone + 1 specific fib projection), the other 10% of its reversal trading decisions rely mostly on DoW/ToD (DayOfWeek / TimeOfDay).
@daytrading. I don't think my charting has that ability. Anyway I'm not thinking about how long it's working just that it's working. Today I made an easy $1,000 using one contract using code 2 at the usa session. This system is so easy I can't believe it. It's so obvious that oil is manipulated by computers it keeps doing same things each day. This impossible unless computer manipulated! I'm glad it's computer manipulated it's making my trading easy and very lucrative. Just need to get my account up more and I'm moving to two contracts, then I'm in the money! What are you trading?
Hey Turner dude,

Just curious about how long you've been trading. You mention "pennies" for pips/ticks and don't have or seem to be concerned about charts beyond a few months back. And yet you are making "easy" money, knocking out 3 and 4 figure trades. Have you had any losing trades? If you could, I'd like to know the answers to my q's, that might begin a better understanding of what you're doing to crank the $$$ printing press. What type of trading did you do before the Oil Trading Academy code 1 and 2 thingy? Thanks!

Btw, anyone in this industry would always be best served by engaging in some due diligence ... even a simple Google review. This kinda spooks me:

as well as this:

and man-oh-man, here's the David dude responding to being a scammer ... feels like watching a Scientology video ... and of all things, he's got a blackjack gambling table in the background - WHOA!

Just trying to get at the truth ... as should always be done with any vendor!

Curious Monkey (not to be confused with George and the Man in the Yellow Hat)
Here's something from the ripoff report:
A google map of the address shows David lives in a huge apartment complex near the interstate...not the typical abode of a successful oil trader.

Other search turn this name up in Blackjack forums with claims of a can't miss blackjack system.
Originally posted by day trading

It looks like Big Mike Trading is in big trouble...

To David's credit I have learned how to file an FBI complaint which I never knew how to do before.

Yeah, I did not know you could do this online. I hope there will be some follow-up. Or else it's cheap bluffing that may backfire.
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