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Oil Trading Academy

Did anyone bought the Oil Trading Academy videos ?
Are these worth the $400 asked ?


It looks like Big Mike Trading is in big trouble...

To David's credit I have learned how to file an FBI complaint which I never knew how to do before.
And Gary Davis is in big trouble too:

Normally I don't get involved in this stuff but this guy is addictive. He deserves awards for entertainment value alone.

Please respond with you best guess when there will be an FBI complaint against MyPivots? My guess is before the end of June 2013...
I have questions...

Who is Gary Davis (the enemy)?

Why doesn't he share his address or trading records (b/c of the freaks online)?

Why is losing a $100,000 in sales relevant if your system works so good?

What life?

What does Bruce have to say about this?

To answer Day Trading's question: I say as soon as this dude is notified that he (David, of Oil Trading Academy) is mentioned here in this forum.
Holy shmokes! When ya listen to the whole vids, this guy is off his rocker. And man, talk about some serious entertainment value ... I agree DT, he's somewhat addictive.

Just watched a vid again, and with the terms he uses, I couldn't keep the Oz phrase "lions and tigers and bears, oh my" out of my head. Instead it was more like "enemies, freaks and FBI complaints, oh my." And what's all his crazy talk about Freemasons?!? Certifiable!

Guess he escaped from the little round rubber room and made a break for it ... prob has the guys with the the white van and big butterfly nets chasing him around.

I think he got picked on a wee bit too much back in middle school.
He added a video regarding Mypivots on YouTube. Apparently this site is run by criminals. I had no idea.
This all started cause dom ask one simple question ... LOL
Thanks for the heads-up David! Okay folks ... sit back and enjoy the ride. This David dude is truly nuttier than a fruitcake! He especially had an issue with my posts - fun fun!! This is his commentary on MYPIVOTS site. He talks about Freemasons and that they had told him he was safe from "the cleansing" (whatever the F that is). I LOVE THIS GUY!

I am MonkeyMeat and I approve this message.

I think this is/was the David dude's dad.

And the saga continues with another attempt to aggressively slag anyone who questions David. He posted this today on Ripoff Reports ... as of May 31, 2013.

Go and have a good laugh, yet realize that there are mentally disturbed people like this here and there. I have a psych degree (not practicing) ... but I've dealt with folks that have similar personality disorders ... a martyr type complex presenting with other characteristics and ideation that is all about "me against the world." Alluding to Freemasons and other conspiratorial type talk such as secrets that the person alone has the "key" to and knowledge of is indicative of a larger issue that person is dealing with. The grandiose talk and self-references permeate all of his video communications.

I'd feel sorry for the fellow if he wasn't a vendor impacting other folks' lives in the trading arena. And also if he wasn't so freakin' entertaining. Can't help myself! I love observing human behavior, especially when it's as freaky funky as this guy's life view. Always the victim, yet lashing out and combative.

David ... you need some help mister ... seriously!
MyPivots ten year anniversary is this year. That's how long it took us to make it to the Ripoff Report.

I'm trying to work out who is in bigger trouble:

Big Mike Trading with a video and an FBI complaint or us with a video and a Ripoff Report entry?
Originally posted by day trading

It looks like Big Mike Trading is in big trouble...

To David's credit I have learned how to file an FBI complaint which I never knew how to do before.

Yeah, I did not know you could do this online. I hope there will be some follow-up. Or else it's cheap bluffing that may backfire.
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