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Es short term trading 9-3-10

Here are my Supp/Resistance numbers ahead of the big report..

89 - 91.50...this is the highest volume of any price when we combine the profile from May6th forward ********** big kahuna





1118.50 ***** ( Ok maybe not tomorrow)



1077.50 - 79 ***

1070 -1071.75


1059 - 1060.25

51 -53.25

Retested 1100 from above. I think the close may be interesting.
they always want to know about volume....the market seeks it out ..Although I'm a bit surprised they brought it back to the 10 am report volume today. I would have thought that they wanted to go after the 91 area again...

I'm trying to go after that gap at 1100.75 in the data..also one down at the 99 all I need is a good freaking signal...
Two sets of Trips down there too!They should get at least one cleaned up

Fridays have not been the best for these lately...cautious as usual...
a great ending......hope all enjoy the 3 day is how it looked in my world......I'm not showing the one minute micro gaps on this chart....
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