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Es short term trading 9-3-10

Here are my Supp/Resistance numbers ahead of the big report..

89 - 91.50...this is the highest volume of any price when we combine the profile from May6th forward ********** big kahuna





1118.50 ***** ( Ok maybe not tomorrow)



1077.50 - 79 ***

1070 -1071.75


1059 - 1060.25

51 -53.25

on 1102.25 for 99.50...short
1100.75 is O/R high
added at 1104 for 1102.75 fill in
1101.50 needs work..too..reports in 15
ym is trying to lead higher..never like that..if it wasn't for that report I'd be aggressively short now
will manage above 1106....if they spike it up....
flat at 96.75......not sure from here.....1/2 gap traders below and air pocket above
air fillied in at 98.50....didn't get long but knowing that helped me take a good profit...just an FYI..

Here is that gap at 1102.75 and the reason i added to my short above
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How are you two today? :)

I'm late to the gate today and may have to be in and out.
First thing I noticed when I ramped up my charts a few ago was the equality of today and yesterday so far. 14 points? 1076.5-1090.5 & 1090.5-1104.5 Equal in distance if exclude O/N.

Broke that 1098.5 and was being R til 12:30. Will still keep an eye over the shoulder
Just for noting. If this is a C wave up the minimum target is 1137. We'll see. There are still a possibilities of down by EW rules.
1115 the major R above.

Also, BKX up to 46.87 hod and backed off some here., but remains sub 50.
Treasuries definitely flipped negative last 3 days.
Of interest(to me), GOOG at 470 S/R. Semis still down. INTC under 18.5

I don't know if there's more for today. I would think the 1100 and hod would be key levels to watch up and the 1098.5 and 1093/4 levels down. Usually don't try to kill em into labor day because you've got the whole month left to do it.

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es 09 10 932010 60 min3
Yea its Friday and a 3-day weekend....thinking of taking the rest of the day off.

a great ending......hope all enjoy the 3 day is how it looked in my world......I'm not showing the one minute micro gaps on this chart....
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