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ES short term trading 9-8-10

8-Sep is the last trading day of the U (September) contract for the ES. On Thursday 9-Sep we rollover to Z (December) contract.
Thanks for the heads up DT.
Looks like the 93 is the magnet price this morning....will be following Pauls range concept just to see if we travel .62 of Mondays range added or subtracted to mondays highs/lows...

we may have just more consolidation....centered around that 93 ...the volume spikes will help quide the RTH
additional thing to notice is the ledge from yesterday up at 96 - 97 area...that O/N tested
Snapshot of the overnight to study. As Bruce just pointed out, 1097 is the top of the range. Prices flirting with VWAP as we head into the open.

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footprint 9082010
on the 94.50 short and afraid I may be early...small and looking for 93 retest....will monitor O/N high for add on if needed
on 97.25...watching O/N high...good high ticks but no low ones is concern on at 10 ...unfortunatley
perfect air fill after running out the ledge, the [plus 4 folks and the O/N high]....textbook.......if we ever write one...
selling 96.50 on the way down now after report
short 98.75....front running O/N high retest..keeping this tight in case they want YD high still
1099.25 and 1102.25 the 62 and 76% retrace levels from O/N low, 1106 above R
Weren't there triples at 1095.50? I was gunning for them from 1099.00. Didn't quite get there.

Tomorrow's another day.

Good luck to all.
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