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ES short term trading 9-8-10

8-Sep is the last trading day of the U (September) contract for the ES. On Thursday 9-Sep we rollover to Z (December) contract.
cool day....on 99.75 ...they want to retest YD highs RTH from above...we all know Fridays gap looms above!!
highest one minute spike came on the break OF YD high...good fade so far...they will test it though from below also so lets not count our short money yet
97 still needs work
nice volume diverge and gap at 1100 in for it
obvioous ledge at 99.50 !!!
Beige book 2pm
INTC sub 18 here
everything else looks positive,dollar down,treasuries down
bkx above 46
see if they can decline into that report?
1094 the 50% retrace of this wave up from O/N low
yd I had 98.75 - 1101.75 as key support....we opened below that YD so we need to get some volume above here for any of you long folks to win....

triples and ledge run out

single print still at 98.25 and low Volume at 97

This looks just like one big consolidation between Friday , Tues and today..the stopping price
here is the shot of why I was short and trying to hold runners up here.....simple is better...into akey zone etc..and targets below..we knew they would test that one minute vlume spike
Click image for original size
kinda surprised they haven't given 97.50 more attention...I'm passing on longs up here .......still just a three day consolidation so why play it like a trend? That wouldn't make sense to me....

Profile "p" shaped today once again so that seems to be a struggle for longs up here
Weren't there triples at 1095.50? I was gunning for them from 1099.00. Didn't quite get there.

Tomorrow's another day.

Good luck to all.
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