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Es short term trading 9-9-10

The O/N report has us going up against the first big resistance zone at 1106.75 - 1110...

so I'm trying shorts at 1108.....not risking too far above that 1110 number on this
Well, Bruce, I honestly did not search through the charts for specifically that situation. I ran the numbers for Tuesday, and I will say that one groggy week when I had run the numbers for the first trade day of the week (Tues) not even thinking about the fact that it wasn't a Monday, it did work that week.

But, My chart studies were Mondays

I did the studies about 15 months ago

today is really weird in terms of the observation (observation being if RTH price prints 618 extension of Monday's range, then high odds for RTH price to print 1.0 extension) But today, price opened ABOVE the 1.0 extension. I don't Know.?.

based on Tuesday range, 618 extension up is 1105.50,
full extension (Tuesday's range added to Tuesday's H) is 1109.25.

notice, retracement from AH H was 5.25 usually, in bullish leg, retracements are at the most 5 to 7 pts which is why I used 6 pts in first post.

I really have to go. good luck to all.
1108.5 9-10 contract
1103.5 12-10 contract
are the 50% S/R levels so far
This is the December contract. Giving us a sense of how prices traded in regards to VWAP. You can see the sell off at the open brought prices under VWAP and the feeble attempt to establish a position back above VWAP resulted in the afternoon drop. Prices rallied back to VWAP again but couldn't close above it. Interesting pattern and one I will be watching to see if it carries into tomorrow.

Click image for original size
footprint 9092010
Note the second wave high of day from open matched Pauls 1109.25 level.
Here it is.
Click image for original size
es 09 10 992010 5 min
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