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The Intentional Trader

I have purchased many of the systems in here or been in the rooms. i have struggled for 10-12 years which you find is not uncommon. I have found a trading mentor that I highly recommend. Not only does he teach you to trade, but goes the next step and shows you how to control emotion and set up a business plan. There is no affiliate plan and so not just blowing smoke. They have a free trial if you want to check it out. They have helped me (well, on the road anyway)

--Billy Mc
thanks for the link, I will check it out
I started trading this past spring. I watched may webinars including the Big Boy TI who almost pulled me a few times until I found this site mypivots. I did find my way in Intentional trader room and was very impressed. its a very friendly room where everyone helps eachother trade and learn. the moderator tony is the most honest trustworthy helpful room manager i found. yes he is a Boy Scout they trade 4 markets in room and are very successful The profit targets and stops are defined for you with they system. You DO NOT have to pay for the software like other rooms which we all know cost thousnads of dollars You can sign up for monthly fee. Due to work obligations I am not trading at moment but come the winter I will be back in Intentional Trader room
I'm a recent member of this room and I've been extremely overwhelmed by it. I've gone into overdrive with excitement because I'm learning a strategy that is actually consistent and I mean REALLY consistent. Over 85% winning trades over a period of many months. Incredible.

I highly highly recommend this place to people of ALL experience. If you want to be a successful full time trader there isn't a better trading room I don't reckon.
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