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Value area of euro 6E

Where I may find VAH POC VAL of the euro 6E on a daily basis
Nobody posts the Market Profile numbers for the 6E on a daily basis but you can easily calculate it yourself using the Market Profile Calculator. Just put the highs and lows of the 30 minute bars in the calculator and click Generate. You may need to adjust some of the settings at the top of the calculator as well.
Too long there are 48 bars in a 24 day trading
Upload the highs and lows in a text (.txt) or .xls or .csv file to a reply to this post and tell me what params you are entering at the top and I'll try and generate it for you.
I use IB charts so I cannot upload the file
From the home page of IBCharts:

New features include:
  • new types of charts:
    • Point and Figure
    • Kagi
    • Renko
    • Three Line Break
  • export of market data
  • new studies; modified CCI
  • enhanced Time of Sale window
  • enhanced Data History Setup window
  • Workspace Manager window

Use the "export of market data" feature that they have. That should work.
Sorry I am speaking of Interactive Broker real time Charts, and you can not export 30 min file of data.
Hi rcabri:

The Market Profile calculator works great when you have the 30 minute high/low prices. When using NinjaTrader charts, you can export this data via their Historical Data manager or simply use the Data Box to access the data directly on the chart. You can also overlay a Market Profile chart directly within NinjaTrader as well.

Here is the page for the NinjaTrader demo:


Click image for original size
market profile calculator

If you're looking for daily market profile levels on the /6e contract, offers the upper value area, point of control, and lower value area, all updated daily.

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