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Professional Training Seminars

Are there any professional training seminars out there that people can recommend for me to attend?
Inventor, I think that you uploaded a couple of charts and then couldn't display them because of a problem that I had with the forum.

If you click the "Attach" link in the reply box then it should take you to the already uploaded files and allow you to put them in a posting.
A OK I thought I was having trouble with the uploading then i change mind on the posting but it turnd out I don't know how to use this tool.....The correct way is >>>> upload and then attach?

Any way the question I was going to ask if this is the correct way to set the Fib lines is it chart #1 or #2

Click image for original size
Chart one

Click image for original size
Chart two
What you did originally was okay. You just have to click the Upload button and it will put the chart in your posting. If you want to use the same chart in a 2nd, 3rd etc. posting then you don't need to "upload" it again you can just "attach" it. There was an error on the forum that prevented it working properly the first time you tried it. I have subsequently fixed the error.

The correct way to draw the Fibonacci lines is I believe relative to the direction from which you are trading. If you are looking for a short then you set the zero at the top and the 100% at the bottom and if for a long then the other way. So both your charts are correct but from different trade types. This is just my understanding of it and it might not be correct.
Inventor: The problem with your uploads at the moment is the comma (,) in the file name. Just make sure that the file's name does not have a comma in it and it should work okay.

If you've already uploaded a file then clicking attach allows you to attach it to a second or third posting etc. But if it's the first time that you're uploading it then use Upload.
Nice charts inventor! What charting package are you using?
Originally posted by elite trader

Nice charts inventor! What charting package are you using?

Quote Tracker and is Free.
Thanks inventor, it looks good. I just went to their site: and got this:
The free QuoteTracker has ads, is limited to 2 days on intraday charts (instead of 10) and 6 months on historical charts.
- pay for a registration
- Open and fund a TD AMERITRADE account

That seems reasonable for free software.
Did you try Quote Tracker Elite? I tried it once about 2 years ago and it was pretty good. I prefer eSignal but then eSignal's price is way higher than Quote Tracker which is free.
Quote tracker Elite? never herd of it, I have the registered version $60.00 a year (much better than the free version) but now I'm with MBT and is free. I haven't found anything that even comes close to QT. I was offered the eSignal 4 years ago and I was not impressed with it.
English confounds sometimes.

Did you try Quote Tracker Elite, should read:
Elite Trader: Did you try Quote Tracker.

My apologies for the ambiguity!
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