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profits, serotonin, YMZ0, Stretch, (3, -1)

I wouldn't make this post if it wasn't producing extraordinary results.
19 Nov & 22 Nov [YMZ0 Stretch=16=x, 4.25%X=68 and 204=3x68, with the trend (3, -1)and counter trend (3, -1), (3, -2) and (3, -3)]

19 Nov settle: 11179+68=11247, (high:11244),i.e., counter trend up of (3, -1)then reversed down, i.e., 11244-204=11040 (low:11031), i.e., 3 with the trend of (3, -1) reversed +136, i.e., (-2) of (3, -2).

22 Nov: North Korea / South Korea and Ireland bailout weighing on equity markets. Probability of the intermediate trend turning from up to down. 22 Nov opened at the high (11163, two points below the previous settlement)and declined 203 points from the 19 Nov last hour rally high, i.e., 11171-203=10968 (low:10968). This price decline printed one point above the exact match of (3) of (3, -1). Prices rallied 60 points, but no higher, to 11028, which is 8 points less than 4.25% of today's Stretch (16) calculation, i.e., 68. This is the last full trading session before the Thanksgiving holiday. Make a generous act of charity to a complete stranger. The good deed raises the recipient's serotonin more than your's; and more than both of you for all of those witnessing your act of generousity. Go out of your way to give generously.
I'd suggest a Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor (SSRI) combined with a triazolobenzodiazipine ... probably Alprazolam (Xanax) for anxiety and any panic attacks so as to nip it all in the bud. The ain't life grand drug-combo. Then sit back and put on a trade and who cares about a stop loss ... it'll be all good no matter what!


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