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ES Short Term Trading 11-24-2010

Volume Levels I am watching this morning are:

High Volume 1191.00
Low Volume 1196.75

VPOC's at 1191.50 and 1179.50

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

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Updated Profile<br />
<br />
Corrected for DST
grabbed a few ticks profit in a short attempt off that first touch of the 1191.50 VPOC.

1192.75 to 1193.75 are next levels higher
Single Prints now at 1191.75, based on this weak IB breakout attempt it appears reasonable to expect them to fill pretty quickly.
Trying another short attempt up here on this gap fill .... If you look back that that first chart I posted, you will see high volume right here at the 97.50 level also. Hoping this acts as sufficient resistance to put a high in.

Single prints still not filled in, hoping they act as a price magnet...

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Mid-Day Profile<br />
<br />
Gap fill + singles
Triples down below at 1187.75 and gap's in data at 91.75....this just another big low volume rally and a fake out.......Profile makes the "P" shape today....I think short traders will be rewarded over the thanksgiving break........
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