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This vendor has advertised in the recent issue of Futures magazine. An examination of the website shows highly promotional claims and a guarantee that is unlikely to ever get honored ala Dave Marsh.

I sent Al Mcwhirr an email requesting I get contacted by few referrals and he refused for fear his customers might give away the setups. "I can't control what they may say," he wrote, and then said everything on the website is 100% true.

If anyone here has purchased this service, please come forth and share your experience on its efficacy and whether Mr. Mcwhirr's claims are true.

I bought this.

I hesitate to begin a long discussion on this board about this method.

However, I trade the NQ with this method and use the most basic setups (2) and then adapted my r:r on 1 of the setups.

It can be very fast (tick charts) at times so I trade it after the 1st hour for up to 1.5 hours and then from 2:30pm up to 4pm EST.

The seller gives over-the top support and holds a voice-message yahoo q&a messenger sessions about 3X's per week in the afternoon.

There is definitely an edge to the setups but of course you have to have the proper r:r when initiating a trade and you have to be good with order entry.

This is the LAST scalping method I told myself I was going to look at. I am still on simulator (to be 100% transparent).

I never want to trade more than about 75 minutes at one session and this gives me alot of setups to be picky about (if the r:r is good enough) during those times.

I use the NQ because price tends to trade through profit areas more than ES (which can 'sit' on your target for longer times and not trade through).

I think every single person that buys this (if they are an experienced trader) 'tweaks' it just a little to their personality.

I demand at least an initial 1:1 reward to risk ratio and higher; thus I am more picky on my setups and don't take the smaller scalps and setups.

That said, I limit myself to 5 trades per session and if I have 3 full wins in any session; I shut down til the next session.

I plan to trade 3 NQ's after another 3 weeks of simulator. Been around since the later 80's so this is a scalping method that had enough 'meat' in it to keep me interested this long {which is huge in my book--because I can analyze most short-term methods and pretty much know within a day whether the r:r is good enough and if the methodology has a potential consistent 'edge'}.

I am not recommending nor discouraging anyone from purchasing this nor did I talk with the seller beforehand. I read his emails after purchase and attended a couple voice chats and made this method suitable for my trading style and psychology.

Which is the most important aspect of any trading.
r24, what due diligence did you do before deciding to purchase this? What compelled you to buy it?

What platform are you on to trade this?

How long have you been on sim?

What is your slippage experience?

Does Mr. Mcwhirr show his screen so purchasers can see where his setups take place?

Thanks for participating in this thread.

I did no due diligence before buying it. I read the daily summaries and thought I would give it a shot. After reading the summaries for a few months I decided I would give it a go.

I use the recommended Sierra Charts; that runs $26.00 per month.

Started sim trading the 1st day I got the info; realistic sim now for 12 market days. Making less mistakes by the day. Trying to sim trade with as few mistakes as possible before going live.

I use either a limit order to enter or a stop order to enter; so there is literally no slippage {depending on which type of order I put in}.

If one waits for price to 'hit' the entry and then put in a limit order {for the NQ} you would initially miss the setup {I use 2 of them} about 15% of the time.

If you used a stop entry you would get the fill every time with little or no slippage.

I do NOT trade during the 1st hour of the market; so I avoid reports @10am EST and the pre-market reports.

I prefer the slower 'boundaries' of time outside the lunch hours of 12-2pm est.

He is not going to show you a screen by screen shot; you have to put in your own screen time and then (if you wish) discuss what you saw via email screenshots or on the phone.

I have NOT called him nor requested any follow up; I took his method and began using the 'core' concepts that made sense to me and then took 2 of the setups I liked the best that had the best reward:risk ratio and began formulating my own custom trading method around these concepts.


[email protected]

p.s. --there is a thread on his stuff on big mikes trading forum that does the usual and says the method does not have the proper r:r at times, and it is not 100% objective every time, and some users have different 'data' from the same and different providers, etc...

Personally; I don't care about anyone else's experience but my own and I always end up adapting a method to suit my own risk profile and psychology (nearly 100% of traders do this anyways); or the big banks in New York would just program robots; and we know this does not work in the long run.

Finally, I took the 'simplest' setups in his method that I saw had the best reward:risk initially and then began looking over days and days of tick data in my preferred time session settings.
First off I have not taken the EminiScalp course so I can not verify it's merit. I was in a trading room on Go to Meeting where the moderator also had a free room on Paltalk. One day the moderator was yelling at someone to get out of the Paltalk room turns out it was Al Whirr . I went into Al's Paltalk room and he was saying what is the problem with him being in another room.My moderator said he copied his method and could not trade.
My 2 cents if the guy has a win rate of 80% to 90% why does he need to sit in another trading room.
The moderator room I was in did not use indicators, traded off a fast chart with small targets of 4 ticks and stops of 4 ticks on first target.Does this sound familar
I picked up the method this February and have been very satisfied with it. I find it to be the simplest trading strategy out there. Without a doubt some of the best money i have ever spent!
I think all scalping is breakeven after commissions. It his how you make something your own with

a) trade management
b) reward:risk setups
c) stop-session goals
d) your own personal 'filters' for setups

Unless you create your 'edge' with the above (or some combination) then randomness and commissions and mistakes chew up your profits when scalping.

Regardless of what anyone writes; it would be impossible to make consistent money if your initial reward:risk is not favorable and you don't have very very tight trade management on each trade.
By the way; why would someone come on here with 1 post and NOT go into detail about this method (pros and cons)?

So you went to all the trouble of posting your experience on this and big mike forum and all we get is the usual douchey 'I really like it post.'

At least my replies give some meat and I am not afraid of putting some real thought into my post.

Your post is lazy and useless; so why did you bother? Is it a way to make yourself feel better by typing some generic purchaser 'speak?'

You give no specifics so your post is useless.

Thanks for adding nothing to the forum.
I am too busy making money. Maybe the researcher should do a little more research instead of wasting there time on pointless forums. Like anyone is going to put any useful information on something like this.

Then why did you post in the 1st place hypocrite?

I provided in-depth self analysis of this method and how I adapted it to my needs.

You once again provide nothing. Nice work!

Anyone can write I make money so why bother posting.

Again, why did you post originally and how did you learn of this thread if you are banking so much money?

I am always keeping up to date with many trading forums so that I can stay current in this profession and I also like to read about others points of view.

Another stellar response from you.
Maybe that is your problem. You want people to give the info you need to make money. Well trading does not really work like that. You said the method was no good, i am saying it is very good. Why should i try to explain something to you obviously cannot understand. Like says it is about screen time not chat rooms. You be can have the highest score on this trading facebook, and i will continue to to rake in dough. The only reason why i am writing this is because it is so obvious that you are blaming this guy for your inability to execute the steps he gave you. Well it works pretty god for me so don't go ruining for everyone crybaby.
I won't call you names anymore; I got that out of my system.

Again, I have not written that it does not work for me (re-read all of my posts).

To sum up: I basically wrote that I took the information and made the method uniquely my own (using Al's basic instructions).

If you are tearing it up everyday--wonderful.

I couldn't care less at this point (neutral); and neither should you.

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