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This vendor has advertised in the recent issue of Futures magazine. An examination of the website shows highly promotional claims and a guarantee that is unlikely to ever get honored ala Dave Marsh.

I sent Al Mcwhirr an email requesting I get contacted by few referrals and he refused for fear his customers might give away the setups. "I can't control what they may say," he wrote, and then said everything on the website is 100% true.

If anyone here has purchased this service, please come forth and share your experience on its efficacy and whether Mr. Mcwhirr's claims are true.
Your posts here vs your posts on Big Mike's forum show that you are a dumb-ass.

Okay, thanks for telling us you are raking it in with 1 contract after your Uncle recommended eminiscalp.

You are a shill who won't answer my real questions. That is fine.

I did NOT say that the method did not work (your reading skills suck as well).

You answered none of my questions and you are a jerk off. I have reduced myself to your level.

Now f*ck off! I'll have no more of this; so you are free to conquer the markets.

Hi researcher247 thanks for your post on the method. The item on Sierra chart that Al mentions is it a paint bar program on price bars based on Higher highs and higher lows and lower lows and lower highs.

Just go to bike mike's forum and look under commercial products/vendors.

A thread that answers more of your questions.
Hey researcher, if name-calling makes your feell better, than i am happy for you. I know alot of guys like you. You are probably one of those guys who have been through a lot of methods and nothing works for you, and everybody screwed you. You know, trading is not for everyone. Some people can do it and some can not. Not everyone has the ability. There are quite a few traders trading Al's method and I see only a couple of complainers here. I didn't waste my money and I don't waste my time hanging in a forum complaining and apparently other successful traders don't hang here as well.
I won't call you names anymore; I got that out of my system.

Again, I have not written that it does not work for me (re-read all of my posts).

To sum up: I basically wrote that I took the information and made the method uniquely my own (using Al's basic instructions).

If you are tearing it up everyday--wonderful.

I couldn't care less at this point (neutral); and neither should you.

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